“Reverse discrimination” – in other words, anti-white discrimination – has been gaining traction in America proportionally to the scope of the power accumulated by the far left.

Designed to supposedly correct “social injustices”, reverse discrimination seems to be causing a lot more injustice all around, because, after all, it is still “discrimination” and nothing less, in that it targets people based on skin color.

In service of the far left’s evil agenda, the people it targets happen to be white.

Not to mention that, assuming that reverse discrimination ever had the potential to “correct” anything unjust, that potential is undeniably and invariably lost since it is applied in a completely arbitrary and haphazard fashion.

This points to the unresolvable problem with it, namely, that there is simply no other way to apply it except haphazardly and arbitrarily.

Just like any other kind of discrimination out there, reverse discrimination simply has no way of being fair.

Axed under ‘Five Year Diversity Plan

A particularly blatant case of reverse discrimination is that of David Duvall, a white man who used to be the marking VP of a hospital in North Carolina before he was axed for no other reason than to be replaced with “diversity” candidates – one white and one black woman.

Luckily, justice has been served as the man has just won a $10 million payout – but that is little consolation considering that the case in question should never have occurred in the first place.

Not to mention that there are likely countless other victims of “reverse discrimination” like Duvall all around the country, whose tragic stories, however, don’t have such a happy end, and are never told to the public.

In 2018, David Duvall was sacked as the Senior Vice President for marketing and communications of Novant Health in North Carolina shortly before his fifth work anniversary.

His termination was inexplicable as he had been extolled by supervisors and colleagues alike.

Getting axed just before the end of his fifth year at the company, he lost a higher severance payout than the one given to him.

Duvall was duly replaced by two women, as his responsibilities were divided in two: Kate Everett, who is white and had been his subordinate, became the hospital’s Chief PR and Communications Office, while Vicky Free, who is black, was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer.

In the lawsuit that he filed against Novant Health, Duvall stated that even though both of his replacements were qualified for the jobs in question, they were not any more qualified than him.

His lawyers argued and managed to prove that the only reason for his sacking was the fact that the hospital was implementing a “five-year plan” to promote “diversity” by 2020.

‘Robust Diversity’

Duvall’s lawsuit also made it clear that he was by far not the only white executive who got axed.

In the 1.5 years after his sacking, the hospital also axed its Chief Information Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Patient Experience Officer, Medical Group President, and the President of the Haymarket Medical Center.

All of those executives were white men who were heavily discriminated against as they were replaced by women and/or black people.

The court jury found that Duvall was right in alleging that he was unjustly and unjustifiably fired based on his sex and skin color, and he was awarded a total $10 million in a compensation for the reverse discrimination that he had to endure.

While justice has been served, for the time being, the arrogant management of Novant Health vowed to appeal the ruling in the next few weeks and months.

It boasted about its “robust diversity and inclusion program”, and had the cheek to claim that it is non-discriminatory towards “all races and genders”, including “white men.”