With the past few months’ data on Florida’s 7-day case rate, no one expected the situation to get better.

No one except for republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who seems to have foreseen these developments months ahead, not issuing any lockdowns or mask mandates in the state.

Instead, DeSantis simply urged the citizens of Florida to get vaccinated as soon as possible, hinting at Covid’s apparent 2-month cycle.

Miraculously, even without oppressive mask policies, the numbers in Florida continued to go down, with CDC recently announcing that Florida currently has among the lowest case to death ratios in the country.

The sunshine state is doing almost as good as California, which has imposed much stricter anti covid measures on its citizens.

Some are claiming that the declining numbers will go up as the Floridians slowly shift to indoor spaces due to the winter’s arrival, but the general public tends to disagree, stating that the weather is pleasant all year round.

Only 2 months ago, everyone’s gaze was set on Florida, as the country suffered major losses on the daily, setting new record highs at the same time, peaking at 26,000 cases in one day, which is nearly 45% greater than January’s peak of 18,000.

These numbers also paint a grim picture, as they include 227 deaths per day during the peak in August or 3 people for every 300,000.

DeSantis did his best, demonstrating the successes Florida has achieved through early monoclonal antibody treatments.

He continued to slam the US president for doing nothing on the matter, saying that Biden has made a lot of promises to end the covid crisis, but little to actually follow up on his words, pointing at the president’s already failed mandate.

Extreme covid measures prove to do little to nothing in stopping the virus

The decline showed that mask policies do little to nothing to stop the spread of the virus, as Florida demonstrated with its recently recorded 9 cases/day per 100,000 people, preceded only by California, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Alabama, with California recording 4 cases/day per 100,000 people.

The death curve follows these same rules, as Florida soars up to the top of the list as one of the states with the most successful anti covid strategies.

DeSantis explained that it is exactly the 2-month fluctuations in numbers that allowed him to employ such loose measures with such great success, as Florida’s governor refused to impose mask rules on schools and businesses.

This seems to be the case with all covid strains, as even the Delta variant, with a much higher contagion rate, follows the same 2-month cycle.

Florida could expect a surge in numbers in the following months, but only time will tell.

For now, the best we can do is rely on those who act, rather than those who give out empty promises.