These are exciting days for the hellish ideology of Marxist transgenderism and gender politics in the United States: the sick and perverted lefty minds behind it are rapidly moving to crush basic human decency and normalcy in American society.

In a giant victory for transgenderism, on Wednesday the US State Department issued for the first time a passport where the sex isn’t male or female but marked with an “X”.

Transgenderists peeing their ‘non-binary’ pieces of clothing

Transgenderists from sea to shining sea have literally peed their pants – or whatever it is that they are wearing – with happiness over this “landmark” win.

Of course, the propaganda machines known as the “mainstream media” in their coverage of this tremendously trans-exciting story reported that it is the first time a passport is issued with a “gender X” marker.

The truth is, as is known from US passports, and visible from photos of the actual “X” passport, that the passport says “sex” – “X” – and not “gender”.

Because as any sane, honest, and decent English-speaking human being is aware, sex is the biological real thing, and “gender” is the made-up “socially constructed” – blah-blah-blah – neo-Marxist, neo-Communist crap.

The latter is what the radical leftists have been pushing in order to create a “gender class struggle”, alongside the wokeist “racial class struggle”, with the overarching goal of destroying capitalism, freedom, democracy, and the United States of America.

The first sex “X” US passport has been issued to Dana Zzyym, who is intersex, i.e. was born with both male and female sex characteristics, The Daily Mail reported.

63-year-old Zzyym was raised as a boy, and later served in the US Navy but subsequently started to identify as neither male, nor female, and since 2015 has been campaigning for the “X” option in the US passports, instead of just “M” for males and “F” for females.

“Campaigning” here means a lawsuit against the State Department.

And while there was hardly a chance for the institution to accept that under the administration of President Donald Trump, now that Biden’s Marxists have sneaked into power, that is no longer the case.

Of course, the Marxist and transgenderist administration of Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden has seized the chance to start boosting transgenderism even further to destroy ever further the natural fabric of American society.

Using intersex biology to push for transgenderism

Because while in the case of Zzyym a desire for a neither-male-nor-female identification could be understanding given how the Navy veteran was born, biologically, the new passport with sex (not gender) “X” will still open a can of worms considering that all transgenderists and the entire LGBT-etc. gang will now rush either to claim to the same option, or to even force the hands of the US government to issue passports with the entire “LGBT-etc rainbow” alphabet.

Actually, there won’t be a need to force it that much – if it is the Biden administration, it will just happily comply.

And the US passports will just be serving as another fake validation – but a validation nonetheless – of the absurd monstrosities of transgenderism.

For the time being, the Biden transgenderist State Department is still sticking with the former option, as it made it clear that the “X” sex identification will be made available to all Americans seeking new passports as of early 2022.

Already in June, the Biden administration’s State Department announced it would be more “inclusive” of the LGBT community – because of course in today’s America the LBGT community is the most important thing in the world, and the primary job and care and concern of every single American citizen must be to be inclusive of the LGBT community.

That is our life purpose.

That is what we’ve been born for, nothing else.

So we now have to enjoy the “X” sex passports, and the rest of the horrors of the Biden administration.