Is there a way out of this transgenderism hell?!

Or is America’s innocent youth doomed to be turned into transgenderist zombies without anything that normal, patriotic Americans can do?

Because the vicious propaganda promoting this sickening perversion designed to fully destroy young kids’ lives with “transitioning” – and thus make them totally controlled by the forces of transgenderist Marxism is so fully on that now it is in Twix commercials!

Oh, and so is violence against those who disagree with the disgusting monstrosity!

Two kinds of child abuse and murder

How did America come to this abomination?

Why do the Marxists hate us so much so as to commit such abuse, such crimes against humanity against our precious kids?

And why are we ever allowing that in the first place?

Everyone knows the devastating brainwashing effect that commercials have on a child’s mind.

Well, now the latest Halloween Twix candy commercial is showing an underage cross-dresser, a boy – who apparently won’t be a boy for very long – who is wearing a dress.

The minor future transsexual gets a goth-looking witch as a nanny.

Then there are the bullies – who are actually the normal kids.

Two girls ask the confused kid why is he wearing a costume if Halloween hasn’t arrived yet.

Then the witch nanny and the poor little boy go to the park, and a normal, regular boy tells him the truth: that he looks like a girl, and that both he and his idiotic nanny look weird.

The boy responds that the dress-wearing makes him feel good – because sure as hell, in the entire human history, the lunacies that made us feel good were all that matters, no decency, no morals, no integrity, no resilience, just succumbing to whatever lowly, nasty pathologies one might have.

Then the disgusting witch swoops in and destroys the regular, normal boy by blowing him away with a wind storm.

Because that’s what we should be doing to those who mock the cretinism of transgenderism: just kill them!

Kill them all, the normal folks!

As one of the founding founders of Marxism-Communism, Joe Stalin, used to say, “If you have a person, you have a problem. No person, no problem!”

Physical annihilation.

That is the transgenderist Marxists’ answer to reality and truth.

They would just love to enforce that - if only they could.

But, hey, they are gathering up their Antifa Marxist Nazi death squads, right – and so far they’ve only been beating and tormenting decent folks, but it’s only a matter of time before they start just killing people in order to impose transgenderism as one of the top Marxist creeds.

They will gladly kill children, too – their Twix ad just showed it.

And of course they would – they are already killing children, just in a different way: by brainwashing them they have a “different gender” and tricking them to take highly damaging “transitioning” medications, and undergo life-altering surgeries from which there is no coming back.

That’s how they make their trans slaves.

Once a kid’s life gets ruined like that, there are only two options: lifelong slavery to Marxism and transgenderism and suicide.

It is no accident that, sadly, many “transgender” individuals choose the latter.

“These people ruin everything,” tweeted JD Vance, the best-selling author presenting running for Senate in Ohio, in reaction to the sick Twix add, and clearly referring to the transgenderists.

Samuel Sey, a conservative blogger, also put it as truthfully as possible, that the ad supports “two separate kinds of child abuse.”

Imagine what the proud Western civilization has come to.

Allowing the murder of our children through transgenderism, and now the upcoming physical murder of the remaining normal ones who make fun of the idiotic transgenderist lunacy!

And all of that to satisfy the power, money, and lust greed of a small, cunning minority of Marxist villains!