Following the infamous “boy in a skirt” rape case, a school district in Loudoun County, Virginia, is now facing another one!

The district sheriff confirmed that police are investigating several cases where a Harmony High School student in Hamilton, inappropriately touched other boys over their clothes.

Kraig Troxell, a sheriff’s spokesman, confirmed the alleged attacks took place, adding a report had been filed on Wednesday over one case, and an investigation had revealed several similar incidents had already occurred.

According to some, unconfirmed sources, the attacker is a seventh-grade high school student.

Never-ending trouble

Troxell said the sheriff’s school officials found out about the first incident on Wednesday at the end of the school day but stated the same boy was found to have inappropriately touched several other students, adding that these unfortunate events were not reported to either police or school officials.

A spokeswoman for the family of one of the victims, Alicia Brand, asked for privacy in these difficult times while the family is looking for a legal counselor.

She added how this is just one of the indicators of the wrong priorities of public schools in the district that are prioritizing the interests of various private groups and political ideology, and not the protection of the safety of their students.

Brand was a spokeswoman for the family of one of the victims of the “boy in a skirt” attack.

These new problems for the school board arise after public condemnation over the way it handled the rape case at Stone Bridge High School in Ashton, Virginia.

Pamela Brooks, a judge in the juvenile court, agreed with the allegations of the prosecution in the case of “boy in a skirt”, finding there was forced fellatio and forced sodomy forced by a trans student.

In support of the victims, students came out of their classrooms to protest and some of the students shouted that Loudoun County was protecting the rapists.

The protest came after Scott Smith, the father of the victim, went to a school board meeting on June 22 and was dragged out and arrested after Loudoun County school board members said they had not received any reports of alleged sexual abuse of students in school bathrooms when precisely Smiths daughter reported a sexual assault less than a month earlier.

Scott Ziegler, the school superintendent, sent an email to parents on the day of the rape in which he wrote that the school was investigating possible sexual abuse, only to state at a meeting on June 22 that there were no records of attacks in school bathrooms.

Smith was convicted of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Smith added the now-convicted rapist is gender fluid which is why he was allowed to enter girls’ bathroom.

Smith’s daughter admitted having intercourse with the boy before the incident and that they agreed on May 28 to meet in the bathroom during a lunch break.

However, when she came to the toilet, she told him she was not in the mood for sexual intercourse, after which he threw her on the floor and forced her to have sex, and would only stop when someone entered the bathroom.

In his statements given to the local PD, the boy confirmed how he knew he was hurting the girl which is why he stopped, adding that the attack only happened when his skirt was caught at the knee by the watch.

William Mann, the boy’s lawyer, said he assumed the girl’s consent to the sexual act, given they had had voluntary intercourse before.

Judge Brooks, however, didn’t buy the arguments of the defense, and decided to support the prosecution allegations.

The case became a subject of heated debates in Loudoun County over the rights of transgender students and the freedom of speech, culminating in the expulsion of Smith from a school board meeting and his arrest.

The Smiths said they were relieved by the verdict but required an apology from the National School Board Association, which denounced parents who were trying to protect their children and demanded justice - as terrorists, saying they were ridiculed and portrayed as crazy transphobes.

This scandal was also at the heart of Glenn Youngkin, Republican Gubernatorial Candidates campaign, warning parents of the dangers lurking in Virginia’s public schools.

Since Younkin has been intensely warning and talking about the problem, he almost caught up with the Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe in the political race.