Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of both Tesla and SpaceX, who is estimated to be the richest person to have ever walked on planet Earth, has found a way to set in their place the Democrats and their President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden on their new taxes on the wealthy to pay for the latter’s Commie pork-barrel spending bill.

Going after others’ wealth

The price tag of Biden’s spending package called “Build Back Better” has just been halved from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion over the opposition of some of the last remaining moderates in the Democratic Party, Senators Kyrsten Sinema, and Joe Manchin.

The Democrats and the Biden administration have been, of course, struggling with the question of how to pay for that Communist monstrosity, i.e. from whom to steal the money needed for that kind of spending.

At first, they intended to slap a “billionaires’ tax” on America’s some 700 wealthiest people, and even presented the proposal to the public.

Under that arrangement, Elon Musk alone, who presently has a paper fortune nearing $300 billion, would have paid a total of $50 billion to satisfy Biden’s spending whims.

Hours after the proposal was unveiled, it was abandoned due to Democrat infighting, and replaced with a tax on all Americans making more than $10 million per year.

Musk has reacted to the attempts of the Biden Commies to set their greedy hands on a large part of his fortune in such a way as to deal a devastating blow to their justification for the new taxes.

Better take humanity to Mars than pay Empty Shelves Joe

In essence, the hi-tech entrepreneur made it clear that he has much better use for his money than to give it to the Democrats for their pork barrel projects: namely, to take humanity to Mars.

And “to preserve the light of consciousness.”

The latter may or may not be a knee-slapper directed at Democrat Joe “Sleepy” “Empty Shelves” Biden.

Or it might be a thinly veiled criticism of the ways of Marxism-Socialist-Communism, who stooges only know one way of getting rich and enjoying life: coming to power and then robbing those who create innovation, wealth, and added value.

A whopping $50 billion in investment would sure go a long way towards boosting space exploration, and one knows that in Musk’s hands that kind of money is guaranteed not to go to total waste.

In the incompetent, greedy hands of the Democrat Marxists and Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden – who could even achieve the most basic of things in the American economy, namely, keep the supply chain running – one just knows that it is going to be squandered on various wokeist and transgenderist projects – such as tossing out $200 million for a park in Pelosi’s home congressional district.

Earlier this week, Musk already took to Twitter to expose the Commies that are staffing the Democrat-dominated Congress and the Biden administration, paraphrasing a quote by late UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, which says that the Socialists main problem is that eventually they run out of the money that they’ve robbed from other people.

Musk warned that after they slap additional taxes on billionaires, and eat away that money, they are going to go down the income ladder and just tax everybody.