When in doubt, take a group of elementary school children to a gay bar, as the old homely adage goes.

It doesn’t really but it might as well considering a fresh, inspired initiative by a school board member in Broward County, Florida, who plain and simple took some youngsters to a bar for homosexuals.

Because why not.

Gay bar is the new zoo

In the United States of America under Sleepy Joe Biden and Marxist bunch, kids are up for grabs from the LGBT-whatever community, and there might as well be a rivalry between the G-s and T-s and everybody else.

Are kids just going to be enchanted with the somewhat more boring gay scene and become homosexuals?

Or are they going to take a dare, pull the trans cat by the rainbow-colored tail, and “transition” at the earliest age possible, and become transsexuals?

(It’s probably best to “transition” as a fetus but so many young Americans miss on that chance simply because the transgenderist outreach still can’t reach them in there, in their pregnant person/birthing person’s womb. The Biden administration is working on rectifying that. Plus, the earlier you transition, the more time you will have for more “transitioning” later in life into additional kinds of abominations some of which haven’t even been invented yet.)

So a Sarah Leonardi, the Broward, Florida, school board member just one day grabbed the gay bull by the horns, and staged a Wilton Manors Elementary school field trip to a gay bar aptly called “Rosie’s” (which may or may not have been named after Rosie O’Donnell).

The venue in question was a great choice since apparently its menu was full of “suggestive items” – and hopefully, just hopefully, the kids were able to appreciate that.

And she’s proud of herself, too

Leonardi was so proud of herself for being so forward-thinking and transgenderism-proactive that she made nice social media posts on Twitter and Facebook with photos showing the clueless masked kids in the gay bar.

With this kind of initiative and independent thinking on Leonardi’s part, we might just be looking at Biden’s next Education Secretary, or maybe Secretary of the soon-to-be-created Department of Transgenderism and Gender Lunacy Affairs.

And the board member makes it clear it is an annual trip – apparently every single class is being taken to the same gay bar for conditioning of sorts.

In her posts, the ingenious woman, or should we say, “person theoretically capable of being pregnant and birthing”, explained that the “students and I” “had a fun walk” and “learned a lot about our community.”

Clearly, that’s what learning about a community is all about.

Forget about the zoo or the museum.

And ignore all the hue and cry that followed by the dwindling number of decent Americans who were outraged as to why students in elementary school would be to an adult venue that serves alcohol, and boasts what is still considered “non-traditional” sexual orientations.

There were even those who called for Leonardi to be fired and arrested.

Unfortunately, it seems like in today’s America that will never happen.

We’ve already fallen far too deep in the rabbit hole.