During an online discussion called “Unpacking the attacks on critical race theory” between Rutgers University professor Brittany Cooper and Michael Harriot of the Root Institute, Professor Cooper made a rather shocking statement.

Or to be precise, a few of such statements.

During the discussion, Professor Cooper stated “we got to take the white people out”!

Welcome to the United States of 2021 idiocy, and let us remind you, this person is PAID by YOU!

Interview with 156-year-old-slave-owner

Critical race theory has been the subject of heated debate in the United States in recent years.

Opponents of the theory, everyday hard-working and law-abiding Americans, argue that the theory classifies people as privileged and oppressed on the basis of race, and some have expressed concern that the theory indoctrinates children to think that white people are racists by default.

Proponents of the theory, however, argue how “positive racism”, whatever the hell that means, is precisely the key to eliminating racism because it analyzes the way in which race affects American culture, laws, and politics.

Professor Cooper began her presentation on the topic by explaining children’s ability to understand and grasp Critical race theory, emphasizing how critical race theory is the only correct teaching of American history.

Cooper added that white people did not discover America and this claim is not an accurate account of history because it is common knowledge that indigenous peoples already lived on American soil.

It’s like saying that Faraday didn’t actually come up with the invention of electric motor technology, as electricity already existed…

Cooper went on to say how white people are aware of what they have done, probably referring to slavery, adding that in each of her conversations with white people, they describe their power only as part of human nature and that they behaved as all human beings would.

It’s really not clear who are the slave owners Cooper interviewed, since the youngest one mathematically today would be 156 years old.

“We got to take these mother*** out!”

Nevertheless, she believes history has shown where this kind of treatment of other human beings leads to and that black people in case of having such power would behave differently than white people did, completely forgetting the fact that the caucasian race was subjected to slavery many times during the history, but hey, you wouldn’t expect anything more from a highly ignorant individual as Cooper.

Cooper continued by stating how “We got to take these motherf ***** s out”, adding that white people are committed to being villains in the group.

While elaborating on white colonialism, Cooper added that no matter what whites think of themselves, they are not the ones defining the laws of eternity, expressing hope the whiteness, which she defines as an inconvenient interruption in history, will end soon.

Cooper concluded the presentation by explaining her mission on earth is to help people understand the path to the other side of this tragic part of history - white history.

The Roots Institute called this presentation a healthy dose of reality.

Professor Cooper’s website describes how she teaches gender and women’s studies, explaining her un-educated stance, since what more could she teach besides courses with a curriculum as big as a monthly edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, mentioning she has written three books in which her desires, expectations, and frustrations as an African-American feminist are expressed.

Looking at Professor Cooper’s social media profiles, one can’t find out much, including whether she is married and has children, yet Cooper feels more than capable to comment on white people having children.

In the discussion, Cooper stated how the birth rate of white people is falling, explaining how white people cannot afford to have children being members of the middle class, adding with a smile on her face how they deserve it.

Cooper concluded her presentation by saying that CRT allows black people to regain their power and legacy, alleging how “this is a reason why white people are afraid of black people”.

Rutgers University, where Cooper teaches, has not responded in any way to the statements made by its employee.