On October 20, wokeist New York mayor Bill de Blasio announced that by Friday 29 - 5 pm, all municipal employees must be vaccinated against COVID19, with at least one dose of which they must have proof.

Otherwise, non-vaccinated employees will be placed on unpaid leave starting Monday.

However, hundreds of New York firefighters decided to ignore such an order from the mayor by taking sick leave on Friday.

This firefighter’s move led to the closure of several firehouses across the city due to a lack of staff.

Complete chaos

Daniel Nigro, the FDNY commissioner, said this excessive taking of sick leave to avoid vaccination as well as an expression of rage because of the vaccination mandate, is unacceptable.

He added how such actions by firefighters could endanger the lives of city residents, which is contrary to the goal of the service, which is to serve and help others.

Nigro explained FDNY employees will be able to be vaccinated over the weekend and will not be put on unpaid leave if they have proof of vaccination on Monday.

Friday was also marked by an incident when firefighters of Ladder 113, Brooklyn drove a fire truck to Senator Zellnor Myrie’s office and told his employees they would have blood on their hands if they continued with pushing mandate.

Nigro condemned this behavior of his colleagues, saying their job is not to attack and harass civil servants but to help others.

Still, the number of vaccinated firefighters rose on Friday from 67% of vaccinated firefighters in the morning up to 72% at the end of the workday.

As for other New York public services, the number of vaccinated police officers jumped from 80% to 84%, emergency medical responders from 77% to 84%.

In numbers, that would mean another 36,000 police officers, 10,000 emergency service responders, and 10,951 firefighters have yet to receive their dose of vaccine.

Why should I be vaccinated if I’m immune?

Despite the increase in the number of vaccinated employees, the city administration fears that city services could collapse next week due to a lack of staff who do not want to be vaccinated.

Mayor De Blasio took the opportunity to encourage vaccinations and during the NYPD Medal day ceremony invited non-vaccinated police officers to do so and thus make the city safer.

It seems that such requests from De Blasio led to quite the opposite effect.

Municipal workers are protesting and warning how because of the mandate, 150 fewer ambulances will be on the streets of New York and up to 40 firehouses could be closed.

One of the hundreds of firefighters who protested in front of the mayor’s office on Thursday is Mike Salsedo, who said he believes he has immunity to COVID19 because he got over the disease last year and therefore does not want to be vaccinated.

Jackie-Michelle Martinez, a firefighter who also protested, said the right to choose is God-given right, noting she does not understand why the city’s previous decision to allow employees to work if they had a negative covid test was changed.

Statistics show that about 58% of the U.S. adult population has been vaccinated so far, and data on the number of those infected show the pandemic is waning.

In September, the average number of infected people per 100,000 inhabitants was 49.9, and on October 27, that number was 21.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

These statistics are not surprising taking into consideration the figures from the very onset of the pandemic.

From the beginning of the pandemic, a two-month cycle is visible, during which the number of infected and dead increases two months before the numbers start to decline, and the situation is the same with the delta variant, despite its extreme virulence.