The saga of racist comments made by professor Brittney Cooper of Rutgers University during an online discussion with Michael Harriot of the Roots continues.

“Professor” Cooper, speaking on the topic of Critical Race Theory, tried to “debunk” white supremacy by calling white people villains, stating how they should be “taken out”, and ended her presentation with satisfaction, concluding that the birth rate of white children is declining.

Such statements, naturally, have provoked a number of negative comments from the public, however, the university where the racist professor is employed and where she teaches women and gender studies - has their lips sealed.

SM backlash isn’t enough

On the other hand, social media users decided to speak their voice on Twitter, expressing their disgust at her comments, so if you type #firebrittneycooper or #brittneycooper you’ll come across a whole range of reactions to the professor’s presentations.

For example, one Twitter user expressed disgust and concern that students at one university have such a person as a professor, while another called on university leaders to take appropriate criminal action against her.

The comments range from classifying the professor’s statements as hate speech, publicly calling out the professor for racism, to calls to fire her.

What’s particularly worrying about the whole story concerning professor Cooper is that this is by no means professor’s first racist outburst.

In a 2012 blog post, she said then - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer personified white rage over a photo of the governor pointing his finger at then-President Barack Obama.

Last year she posted how conservatives don’t care about black lives.

In an interview with MSNBC last month, Cooper stated how “American conservatives were trying to kill black people by opening up society during the coronavirus pandemic.”

These statements made by Professor Cooper in the past have been under increasing scrutiny only after the ones given to Michael Harriot in an online discussion called Unpacking The Attacks on Critical Race Theory surfaced.

During the discussion, the professor stated, among other points, “the teaching that white people discovered America was incorrect because they committed violence against the autochthonous population who already lived there in order to make themselves a superior race.”

She went on in the same inappropriate tone explaining how the way to deal with what she sees as white supremacy is to “take out” white people, or in her words, “We got to take these motherf….rs out”.

She continued by calling whiteness an inconvenient interruption in history and shared how she sees herself as a person whose mission on earth is “a duty to show people the way to end the historical tragedy - white supremacy.”

Nobody knows who the racist professor really is

Still, the professor commented with a smile on the most vulnerable spheres of others’ private lives, cheerfully stating that the birth rate of white children is declining and how white people somehow deserve it.

To conclude, she is obviously a person who does not shy away from publicly expressing hatred towards white people, and goes so far as to see the reduction in the number of white children born as a reason to celebrate.

But what we see as the most frightening factor in this whole story is the fact this is not the first racist speech filled with hatred coming from the professor in question.

Her racist actions and hatred have been going on (at least publicly) for more than a decade.

Despite this, the same person is permanently employed at a university where she educates young people and influences the formation of their opinions and attitudes.

However, her employer, despite the huge number of public calls for reaction, protects her and does nothing to protect people (including her students) to which she openly points her hate at.