It is just unbelievable how the more wokeist a Democrat official is – such as a mayor or a governor – the more tolerance he or she has for rampant shooting violence – even if it happens to disproportionately affect neighborhoods inhabited by people of color whom the Democratic Party impudently loves to claim as its own voters by default.

Instead of having a zero-tolerance policy for shooting violence – which gets achieved all around the world by strengthening law enforcement and raising its public respect and profile – wokeists have been behind the utterly idiotic and sinful policies of “defunding the police” as well as demonizing the police – because the police stand in the way of rampant looting, arson, and rioting that their supporters love so much.

So the wokeist Democrat officials just project an “it’s OK” perception of shooting and other forms of violence, that all of that is normal, and their constituents would just have to live with it – of course, until it gets them and they get killed.

Mayor who thinks shooting violence is normal

The wokeist Democrat Mayor of St. Louis, Missouri, seems to have just offered a prime example of this type of attitude and policy.

During her latest press conference, which was together with Quinton Lucas, the mayor of Kansas City, she was speaking about their efforts to counter violent crime, when gunshots could be heard coming from somewhere nearby, The Daily Mail reported.

Jones seemed completely unperturbed and unimpressed.

At least she did acknowledge briefly what was happening – instead of, for example, pretending that there was nothing.

“Oh, isn’t that wonderful,” the wokeist mayor stated, evidently displaying sarcasm that was really out of place, before going back to her comments.

No seeming indignation or outrage, just staying cool about it.

Jones did go on to say that since she was born and raised in the city of St. Louis, she could not be impressed by the sound of gunfire.

This is just wonderful: precisely what a city with a high rate of shooting violence needs – a mayor with a high tolerance for it, and who considers it normal, just some kind of background noise.

Tishaura Jones then added that she and her son are falling asleep to gun shooting sounds every night because she was raised and still lives in the northern part of St. Louis.

“It’s part of my life now,” she added, once again treating it as a normal occurrence, hardly the attitude to go about tackling it.

So far in 2021, St. Louis has had 161 homicides, compared with 263 for the same period of last year.

In Kansas City, Missouri, there have been 128 homicides so far this year, compared with 156 in the same period of 2020.

It’s all a public health crisis to the wokeists

Speaking at a roundtable with violence survivors before the press conference, Jones said she was seeking to tackle the gun violence epidemic by allotting $11.5 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan, which is supposed to go towards youth jobs and “violence intervention programs” – the wokeist way to go about it.

She tweeted that gun violence must be treated “like the public health crisis that it is”, and that would improve public safety.

Little surprise there: the wokeists are declaring everything “a public health crisis” these days, including, of course, racism.

So forget law enforcement: if you are a violent gun shooting criminal, you must be all about public health.

Maybe Tishaura Jones and other wokeist mayors will pop up and take your temperature. Just try not to get her while you are going about your everyday shooting business.