Naturally, the liberal leftist media propaganda machines never criticize the far-left Biden administration for causing countless tragedies while stimulating illegal immigrants to flock to enter the United States – and it also barely touches upon the vast fortunes that the Mexican cartel mafia is making as a result.

All they care about is having the Third World illegals in the US as their obedient slaves and default voters to help them terrorize American patriots and eventually turn the greatest nation in the world into a far-left totalitarian regime.

Tragedy after tragedy while the Mexican cartels strike it richer and richer

The Biden administration keeps sending the clear message that the entire Third World can now settle in America – and this makes more and more people attempt the journey.

This causes more and more tragic deaths and makes the organized crime mobsters more and more money, as the illegals oftentimes pay them all they have.

Needless to say, those criminal fortunes are used even further to hurt the American people.

In a fresh tragic incident, in which the blood is once again on the Democratic Party wokeists and the administration of Empty Shelves Joe Biden, a group of 70 Mexicans tried to swim around the fencing of the southern border between Tijuana and San Diego which extends for some 300 feet into the Pacific Ocean.

A total of 36 Mexican nationals – 25 men and 11 women – did indeed make it around the barrier, and were detained by the US border patrol.

However, one woman drowned, and a total of 13 others barely got rescued by the Coast Guard as they were about to suffer the same fate due to the harsh ocean currents at the crossing near San Diego.

The identity of the poor migrant woman hasn’t been revealed yet. She was declared dead at 12:30 pm on Friday, at California’s US Border Field State Park, after repeated CPR attempts by EMS workers and patrol agents, the CBP announced, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The fate of the other 33 people who tried to swim to America by circumventing the border fence in the Pacific Ocean remains unclear, Fox 5 San Diego reported.

Brutality of Mexican mobsters

According to US officials, the swimming attempt demonstrates further “the ruthless tactics” used by the smuggling mafia to bolster their power and profits.”

Border Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke, Chief of the San Diego Sector, said in a release on Saturday that the US authorities are working tirelessly to bring to justice whoever is responsible for the tragedy.

This vow clearly refers to the Mexican mobsters although the real culprit might as well be the Biden administration with its wide open-door policies, and nobody else.

The number of illegals who tried to cross San Diego’s sector in 2021 grew nearly thrice compared with 2020: 142,459 vs. 53,282.

The US authorities have captured nearly 1.75 million illegal immigrants at the US-Mexican border in the 2021 Fiscal Year, the biggest number since 1986, thanks to the Biden administration’s erasing of the southern border.

The vast majority of those have just been let go inside the United States.

That figure doesn’t mention the likely huge number of illegals who got in without being intercepted.