Rules don’t apply for the “socially concerned” superrich, whose motto clearly is “don’t do as I do, do as I say” – big surprise.

Nevertheless, billionaire buddies Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have still caused a social media outrage as it has been revealed by reports that the Microsoft founder celebrated his 66th birthday on a superyacht in a cove off the coast of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, and flew in 50 guests by choppers, including the Amazon founder.

Carbon-emitting superyacht super-billionaire buddies

The birthday bash celebration on Gates’ $2-million-a-week yacht “Lana,” which is a rental, and in the Turkish resort of Fethiye was his first since divorced his wife Melinda French-Gates after 27 years of marriage, The Daily Mail reported.

Gates is worth $136 billion while his good buddy Jeff Bezos is worth $196 billion, and is the second richest person in the world after Elon Musk recently dethroned him from the No. 1 spot in the billionaire ranking.

Both Bill Gates and Bezos have been lecturing humanity on the urgency to fight climate change through the reduction of carbon footprint – and yet, they went on to vacation on superyachts.

Bezos in particular is just about to launch his personal superyacht which is the biggest and most luxurious of its kind.

It is unknown whether any members of the Gates family celebrated his 66th birthday together with the 50 guests on superyacht “Lana.”

Gates also used to be the world’s richest man for quite a while but has now dropped to No. 4 on Forbes Rich List.

Apart from the yacht, the billionaire’s birthday was also celebrated with an exclusive private party in Fethiye, at the Sea Me Beach club.

Each of the superyachts used by Gates and Bezos produces a whopping 7,020 tons of carbon dioxide, which is about 19 tons per day.

At the same time, Bezos and the other guests went to Gates’ superyacht by helicopter, whose fuel produces a whopping 21.095 pounds carbon dioxide per gallon.

It is estimated further that a 120-mile helicopter ride that the Amazon and Blue Origin founder took just to get to Bill Gates’ 66th birthday sent about 215 pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since helicopters get about 10.75 miles to the gallon.

Bezos himself is using a luxury superyacht, The Flying Fox, which was docked near Gokova, 120-miles away from Gates.

Called out on hypocrisy by liberal leftist hypocrites

This time young typical leftist eco-friendly nut jobs, the kind empowered by Big Tech, of which both Gates and Bezos are part of, have turned viciously against the two billionaires in a full-fledged social media storm over their carbon dioxide, and respectively, global warming and climate change contributions.

The comments by the outraged environmentalists have ranged from calling the whole affair “sick and twisted” to insults of the physical appearance of the billionaire buddies.

It has been especially notable and ironic to see the outraged commentators, many of them liberal leftists, call out the hypocrisy of the two super billionaires.