After posting a tweet, realizing the predicament it had put him in, and deleting it, famous anti-racism activist and author Ibram X. Kendi thought he would be in the clear.

Sadly for him, this was not the case, as Twitter always goes in for the kill for any misstep one makes.

Namely, Kendi promoted an article that showed large numbers of college applicants lying about their race on applications as a means of getting accepted easier, as it has been shown before, that minorities have better chances at entering those colleges.

Kendi stated that more than a third of those kids who applied for said colleges lied about their skin color, referring to the research in the article that was done by Intelligent magazine.

The research showed that nearly 81% of the students who lied said that they did it to improve their chances of getting accepted, while over 50% of them claimed that they thought it would allow them to qualify for financial aids distributed to minorities.

Furthermore, contrasting Kendi’s systemic racism beliefs, 43% stated that they are of native American origin, 13% claimed to be Hispanic and only 10% stated that they were African-American, the demographic that Kendi and other CRT believers claim to be the most endangered in the land of the free.

Adopting children of a different race is now classified as racistic white colonialism?

Ibram X. Kendi is currently the director of Boston University’s center for antiracism related research, while also being an author of 3 books focused on the same thematic, with one of them gaining massive popularity following the death of ex-convict George Floyd.

This was massive for Kendi, with him profiting off Floyd’s death more than anyone else who jumped on the BLM train.

The same year, TIME magazine named Kendi one of the most influential people in the world, making one wonder just how easy it is to gain that sort of praise.

As mentioned, Twitter was not happy with Kendi’s tweet, with many users ridiculing the fact he completely disputed nearly his entire career’s work with one tweet.

They continued to mock the author, adding that he must’ve been in shock to realize that non-whites actually do have a lot of privilege these days.

This was not Kendi’s first rodeo with controversy, as only last year he claimed that Amy Coney Barret, Supreme Court Nominee was a racist white colonizer all for adopting 2 black kids from Haiti.

Non-inclusiveness seems to be a common denominator with critical race theorists, as they all advocate the idea that people of color are oppressed but are imposing segregation in their own communities.