Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, aka Lady Obnoxiousness, on Sunday tested positive for COVID-19 even though she is fully vaccinated, she has revealed, adding that she is only experiencing mild symptoms.

Psaki has thus become the second high-profile member of the Biden administration to catch the coronavirus in less than two weeks, after the tragically incompetent Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas also got sick recently.

Abundance of bizarre wording

In a somewhat bizarrely worded statement that she put out, Empty Shelves Joe’s obnoxious press secretary declared that she is disclosing her contracting COVID-19 “out of an abundance of transparency”, perhaps expecting a presidential medal of honor for her invaluable disclosure.

She also said the measures she is taking are “out of an abundance of caution” – weird wording that may only serve as a reminder of the “abundance of incompetence” of the Biden administration.

42-year-old Psaki disclosed further she was last in contact with Sleepy Joe the Democrat President on Tuesday.

She met with him back then in the White House, and both were wearing masks and were over 6 feet apart, in her words.

According to the White House, Biden himself was last tested for COVID-19 on Saturday, and the test came out negative.

Psaki added that she has been isolated since Wednesday because it turned out that there were cases of coronavirus in her household.

Because of that, she hasn’t been in close contact with any senior members of the Biden administration or the White House staff.

Not to worry, she’ll be back

Psaki was supposed to accompany Empty Shelves Joe on his second foreign trip, which began on Friday in Rome for the summit of the G-20, and continued on Monday in Glasgow, Scotland for COP26, the UN climate change summit.

Biden’s press secretary also revealed that she has been doing PCR tests for COVID-19 every day since Tuesday, tested negative for four days, and only tested positive on Sunday, the fifth day since she learned about having infected members of her household.

Psaki also touted the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, stating she is having only mild symptoms thanks to it, and is able to work from home.

As the good people of the United States are certainly going to miss her daily doses of obnoxiousness, Biden’s press secretary has clarified that she will be returning to work “in person” at the end of her 10-day quarantine period, after having a negative rapid test – which goes beyond the CDC guidance is an additional requirement of the White House.

Other than wishing her a speedy recovery, the only thing left to do is wonder: how are we going to make it for so long without Lady Obnoxiousness?