The damage already done to the great American nation by perfidious, insider wokeist Marxists is indescribable.

It is probably far more dreadful than all the total destruction that Soviet Union’s nukes could have caused to America and the West during the Cold War as wokeist Marxism, massively aided by Big Tech, has poisoned the minds, dulled the senses, and spurred the ignorance of the so-called Generation Z.

The poisoned abomination that is Gen Z

This has turned huge numbers of Gen-Z-ers into good-for-nothing wokeism stooges who are just doomed to remain complete morons and die without understanding why.

So much so that apparently even millennials who now run businesses, and are fairly young and fairly aware of the “philosophy” of their younger compatriots, are totally terrified by the wokeist demands, sick sense of entitlement, and lack of work ethic and respect by the Gen-Z-ers.

Generation Z workers’ fall into nothingness, and is so bad that CEOs are seeing them demand company support for the seditious terrorists from BLM, giving them paid leavers for “anxiety” and even telling their bosses to do assignments themselves.

The worst part is that many millennial supervisors are caving to the idiocies of Gen Z-ers because the latter are weaponizing “social media” against anybody who doesn’t agree with their demands.

So, thank you, wokeist Marxists, you are winning!

You have officially created a generation of far-left terrorists!

Tell your boss what to do and get time off for not being mentally in the right place

A lot of millennial CEOs have shared their grievances over Generation Z employees with no other but The New York Times, one of the pioneers of far-left, Marxist propaganda.

The CEO of a sex wellness company, Polly Rodriguez, is quoted as saying that Gen Z workers “don’t hesitate” to “delegate” tasks to their bosses.

She wonders whether – when that backfires – it is worth for the young Marxists to enjoy instant gratification by trashing their employer social media as opposed to working hard and gaining support for one’s professional development and advancement.

Rodriguez described a case in which her co-founder called her on a Saturday to tell her that a Generation Z employee has demanded to know how the company was going to support Black Lives Matter.

The startup, Unbound, eventually caved to the Gen Z lunacies and hired a “diversity, equity, and inclusion” officer for its staff, and organized a fundraiser for a nonprofit supporting sex workers of color.

31-year-old Lola Priego, the CEO of a lab-testing startup, reveals she was utterly shocked by the disrespect when she got a note on Slack from a Gen Z employee who wanted to assign a task to the boss.

30-year-old Ali Kriegsman, who is the co-founder of a retail tech firm called Bulletin, is quoted as saying she has no idea how to react when Gen Z employees send her texts telling her they aren’t coming to work because of anxiety attacks, period cramps, and “not being in a good place mentally”, and asking that this be paid time off.

The version of Marxism-Communism that is being built in America by people whose sole place in the universe is to burn in hell is just incredibly bizarre, and might cost the US its very existence in the long run.