Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe lands on the chopping block again as reports of his children’s educational history don’t quite go hand in hand with his statement on public education in Virginia.

Namely, McAuliffe claimed that Virginia has a great schooling system, adding that he and his wife raised all 5 of their children there, cleverly avoiding the fact that none of them attended a public school in the state.

Unfortunately, this was not clever enough as Twitter users quickly jumped to comment on the former governor’s statements.

Records show that one of Terry’s sons went to Gonzaga College High School in Washington, where tuition costs add up to over $25,000 per year, while 3 other children attended Potomac School in Virginia where a year would cost $45,600 per year per child.

This is money that not a lot of McAuliffe’s followers could dream of allocating for their child’s college fund, let alone their high school education.

One Twitter user exclaimed „rules for thee but not for me” as a way to highlight Terry’s hypocritical practices.

McAuliffe continues to lose support in Virginia

As Virginia’s gubernatorial race closes to a finish, the feud between the 2 candidates continues, with education in the state being the main focus.

His opponent Glenn Youngkin has recently been seen surging in the polls despite Virginia currently being one of the most democratic states in the south.

Youngkin voiced his concern with the educational system currently in play in Virginia, as it enforced Critical Race Theory, or simply put, it taught young children to be ashamed of the color of their skin.

McAuliffe strongly disagreed, adding that he will not allow parents to make decisions about schools and what their kid is taught.

This didn’t seem to reach many as truthful as he himself refused to let his children be educated by Virginia’s educational system by sending them off to private schools.

Many took his claims personally, calling him a hypocrite and adding that most other Democrats are the same, only saying what gets them results, rather than what is true.

How much is a child’s education really worth

While he was governor, Terry McAuliffe vetoed three bills that could have possibly expanded school choice in the commonwealth, adding that parents being able to choose where to send the money allocated for their child’s education would send the wrong image about the state of public schools in any state, not just his own.

It seems that Terry just doesn’t want everyone’s child to be able to get the education his children can and have.

Last month during a dispute on CRT, McAuliffe added that the theory is not being taught in schools and that the claims are only a plan to divide Virginia’s people.

When prompted to explain the definition of critical race theory, Terry couldn’t provide an answer, only adding that he knows it isn’t taught in Virginia and that it doesn’t matter anyway.

He continued to add that his opponent Glenn Youngkin was using education as a lynchpin in his plan to divide the state, but so far it is only evident that McAuliffe himself, is using private education to divide his children from everyone else’s