Following recent warnings of oncoming turkey meat shortages, the condiment and soup company Heinz decided to try and take the market by storm by presenting a more affordable solution.

Namely, they introduced a sort of canned „Christmas dinner” soup containing large chunks of turkey as well as roasties, pigs in a blanket, gravy, and even cranberry sauce.

So far it is confirmed that only 500 cans will be made and Heinz stated that it might make it into a regular product next year if this year’s promo campaign proves to be successful.

However, that might prove not to be the case as many have already shown their disapproval of the product, calling it disgusting and a disgrace to Christmas dinners.

The public generally remains divided on the matter as the product may provide a somewhat proper representation of a Christmas dinner for lower-income households, but in the end, it is still canned food, the bottom of the barrel of the food industry.

Winner winner, „Christmas tinner?”

Heinz might have come to the idea following in the footsteps of large retailer GAME, which released a similar product, called the „Christmas tinner” as a way for „gamers” to enjoy a holiday-Esque dinner without being forced to cook, playing into the hands of the already too-lazy-to-do-anything demographic.

The „tinner” consisted of several layers, including scrambled egg, turkey shavings, and even a layer of Christmas pudding.

Aside from the sentiment, the product comes off as disgusting right from the start, as the idea of canned eggs is probably enough to scare any sane person away.

Heinz’s research consists solely of surveys that showed that many are dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes to cook a Christmas dinner or with the price tag of the aforementioned, but nowhere did anyone state they would rather it be served straight out of a can.

Traditional home-made dinners may still prove to be the right answer

Brand manager for Heinz soups, Anke von Hanstein stated that they are looking forward to the input of the lucky 500 who will come across these limited edition soup cans as they were made for those with a love for festive flavors in their hearts.

As popular as Heinz is worldwide, this product may prove to be a massive flop as it takes away from traditional values most wish to uphold with their families during the holidays.

Sure, the turkey might not be on the table for many, but any sort of home-cooked dinner made with love would bring joy, no matter how humble it may be.

The cans are currently on sale for $1 on Heinz’s UK webpage, but many still continue to protest it online.