Workers everywhere are protesting the new vaccine mandate, which calls into question their employment status.

The mandate offers a not-so-vague choice, as it threatens workers with unpaid leave in case that they do not comply with the call for vaccination, the deadline of which is the end of this year.

To many, it is a violation of law and the Constitution with many bringing up the First Amendment.

Several local authorities have made attempts at addressing the mandate, with little to no results.

“Freedom, not force,” is on numerous protest signs, and there has been a widespread usage of a euphemistic phrase that translates into a curse at President Biden.

The phrase blew up after a reporter wrongly, or perhaps willfully, repeated the chants of the audience at a NASCAR race as “Let’s go, Brandon”.

The anti-Biden slogan (Let’s go, Brandon) was also chanted by a pilot of Southwest Airlines during landing, and social media denizens are having a go at each other over it.

The democrat-aligned demographic is taking the chance to rebuke the pilot, with some even comparing the act to terrorism.

It seems only certain people are allowed to disagree with their president, and only with certain presidents.

Naturally, suggestions to fire the pilot are already out, in the form of the Airlines’ customers protesting their patronage.

Some have voiced their approval of the act, protesting in a similar manner, while others are making attempts at neutrality, though still defending the everyman’s right to free speech.

It does not stop there for the SWA, however, as other pilots are opposing the mandate too, and in the same fashion.

Airline company struggles to keep up with oppressive vaccine mandate

The Airline company itself has spoken out, assuring the public that “offensive behavior” is not welcome there.

The SWA is currently faced with other issues too, with there being records of a large number of delayed flights on the weekends, and this is to be related to health issues, as rumors about sick-outs due to vaccination circulate the public.

The Airline has denied this being the cause of their problems and informed of their staffing problems.

Things are made all the more complicated in the endeavor to keep up with the mandate and regulate employees.

Luckily for the airline workers, the measures taken in carrying the mandate out have loosened up.

They have been promised not to be placed on unpaid leave, for one, as well as allowed to provide sufficient reason for possible exemption.

On a more general note, health centers still report a large number of mortal cases thought to be influenced or caused by the virus.