NBC News, one of the leading mainstream media proponents of far-left, has been a disgrace on too many occasions in the past few years with its growing disregard for the truth, facts, and objective journalism in favor of narrow far-left partisanship.

Now the Commie network disgraced itself even further by claiming that “Let’s Go Brandon” – the euphemistic slogan standing for “F**k Joe Biden” – entails a threat of violence against its favorite Democrat President, Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden.

Its rationale for that claim is the fact that a number of gun sellers have picked up the catchy, viral slogan as a shrewd marketing vehicle for boosting their sales of more ammunition and gun parts.

NBC alerting the Secret Service over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’!

The irony, which makes NBC News seem all the more ridiculous, is the fact that “Let’s Go Brandon” as a far more socially acceptable form of “F**k Joe Biden” actually originated with it.

It was an NBC sports reporter, Kelli Stavast, who, by mistake or deliberately, as a means of covering up for Biden, during a live interview at a NASCAR event in Alabama with driver Brandon Brown, described the “F**k Joe Biden” as saying, “Let’s Go Brandon”.

NBC News has now invited particular ridicule on social media after another of its seemingly clueless reporters, Ken Dilanian, disclosed that he had asked the Secret Service if they deem the sale of assault rifles emblazoned with “F**k Joe Biden” or “Let’s Go Brandon” security threats to the Sleepy Joe the Democrat President.

Dilanian revealed what he called a “reasonable question” for the Secret Service in a tweet in which he was defending against the backlash to his article about how gun sellers are engraving various versions of “Let’s Go Brandon” in order to boost their marketing and sales.

If his article showed one thing, that is the fact that American gun sellers can boast tons of marketing ingenuity with all sorts of variations when the likes of mainstream media Commie organizations such as NBC News serve them on a platter with a catchy, righteous socially acceptable euphemistic but vastly efficient political slogan such as “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Dilanian’s ridiculous concern-ridden article also reveals that a spokesman for the Secret Service – surprise! – declined to comment over whether gun sellers’ witty marketing tactics could pose a mortal danger to Sleepy Joe.

Because it is all understandable that spokespersons are allowed to refuse to comment on the dumbest kinds of questions in the world – such as NBC’s.

Dilanian’s “rich” article went further, however, by touting a supposed connection between the sale of assault rifles such as the ones that are now being decorated with “F**k Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” memes.

He also lambasted Republican politicians for using the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan – because surely in America we no longer have freedom of speech – it’s up to the likes of Marxist stooges such as NBC, CNN, and NYT to decide what can be said and what cannot.

They were openly cursing at Trump and still are

Of course, back in 2016-2017-2018 and ever since then, when the liberal leftist Marxists were and have been cursing openly and shameless at President Donald Trump and posing with severed Trump heads, among other idiotic expressions of their mindlessness, none of the miserable far-left networks thought of asking the Secret Service if the President of the United States of America was in danger.

Of course, during Trump’s first term, there was no such moronic right-wing media to try to silence any slogans, the way NBC News did so as to give birth to “Let’s Go Brandon.”