Following the release of his 6 episode drama mini-series, Kaepernick, a far-leftist NFL player who caused complete chaos with his dumb ideology, didn’t seem to get the response he was expecting.

In fact, the show drew many critics with its distasteful imagery and extreme reaches at depicting America’s favorite sport to slavery, which seems odd given that Kaepernick’s salary while in the NFL averaged at $19 million a year, a bit more than that of a slave.

One such critic was another former football player, Jack Brewer, who stated that Colin’s spirit was evil and went against everything that America and its people stand for.

This rough response is due to the very graphic depiction of football players lined up while being drafted, with the scene then shifting to show them donning shackles and being sold to white slaveowners!

Brewer continued, saying that the entire agenda is wrong down to its core as all it does is put the idea of never being able to succeed because of systemic racism in the minds of so many undeserving black children who might never realize their potential because of it.

Systemic racism in one of America’s most racially diverse sports leagues?

Kaepernick does seem to love the spotlight, got his first chance to be in it when he kneeled during the US National Anthem as a means of protesting the supposed police brutality and injustice.

This also left many with a sour taste in their mouths, demanding that Kaepernick be removed from San Francisco 49ers, the team he was signed to at the time.

In the special, Kaepernick narrates over the scene while walking an empty football field, commenting that the NFL draft enforces a power dynamic that the players aren’t aware of, while also adding that teams put a lot of time into finding a single flaw on each player, before making their choice.

After likening the draft to outright slavery, Colin, the self-proclaimed richest slave in the history of the world, is drawing the same line of segregation that many of his fellow „progressive“ Critical Race Theory peddlers do, forcing a divide between the two communities and blaming the whites for it.

Brewer, a conservative and supporter of former US President Donald Trump, stated that this special could be detrimental to vulnerable black children, most of which already don’t have father figures to look up to.

Jack wasn’t the only one to comment on the nonsense that Kaepernick’s special presents, as many Twitter users continued in his footsteps.

One user called the ex-football star the lowest of the low for his racially divisive ideology and added that Kaepernick not being added back to the NFL was the best thing to happen to the league in a long time.

Others blasted Colin for his hypocrisy, as the draft presents players of all races and demographics with a chance to become multi-millionaires, which Kaepernick definitely was.