The moral censors of this nation have placed the utterly brainless notion of “hurt feelings” on a pedestal that is destroying its heart and soul by being used to justify all kinds of repressive measures, and to completely wipe out the freedom of speech, thought, and conscience that is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America, the envy of the entire world that modern-day Democrats are working so hard to demonize and abrogate.

In the America where increasingly vicious individuals are dominating the Democrat Party, and the person, who is technically “president” by virtue of somehow ending up occupying the White House, is known for nicknames such as Sleepy Joe and Empty Shelves Joe, decent, honest, patriotic American citizens cannot say anything at all anymore for fear of “hurting” somehow somewhere someone’s feelings.

More sissyness

It is no accident that the Marxist-Commies are so eager to destroy the freedom of thought and speech symbolized by the First Amendment – this is the first and the last out of all democratic freedoms both in the American Constitution and in humanity’s universe as a whole.

There is simply nothing without it.

By destroying it, you don’t just destroy freedom, you destroy everything: morals, courage, responsibility, dignity, merit, sanity, valor, honesty, fairness, and sincerity.

That is why the rabid leftists are after it on their quest for all-out far-left Big-Tech totalitarianism, and they are making great use of “hurt feelings” as an excuse to crack down on it.

The trillion-dollar question is why so many Americans – who are the product of the grandest achievements of Western Civilization – are still buying it.

A fresh new example of the dictatorship of hurt feelings censorship is the case of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch who has been sent by NASCAR to undergo an abomination known as “sensitivity training” because he called one of his competitors “retarded” during an interview.

These aren’t the good old times when you could speak your mind, and nobody would care unless the things you said made sense.

This is the disgusting new world where in this case Busch has by default offended the actual medically retarded – not that anybody has asked them about it.

And even if they happened to say that they aren’t getting “offended” just like that, they would be brainwashed by the propaganda to believe that they are.

And “sensitivity training” is so great for the Marxist crusaders: it’s as though not enough American men have been emasculated, and castrated figuratively and even literally, and turned into sissies, so much so that the rest of the world, especially the rogue anti-Western dictatorships out there are having such a great laugh.

Busch now has to complete the “sensitivity training” before the beginning of the 2022 NASCAR season.

‘Freaking retarded’

The concrete reason for this ungodly punishment is that after the race at Martinsville on Sunday, he complained that Brad Keselowski hit him while making a move to overtake him on the final straight.

Busch was wondering what on earth Keselowski was trying to do – whether he was trying to spin him – that’s why he called him “freaking retarded”.

Or, rather, he may have just called the very incident and Keselowski’s move “freaking retarded”, and not even his competitor.

Busch then quickly apologized on Twitter – because the 1984-style Marxist totalitarians want to crush your soul by forcing you to atone about things that nobody should even care about, and nobody should feel affected by them, other than the specific persons mentioned by name.

Never mind, NASCAR is still forcing Busch to be “sensitivity trained”.

Before the beginning of the 2021 season, it already did that to driver Hailie Deegan for asking, “Who’s the retard behind me?”

The only thing retarded is NASCAR’s move and the fact that Americans have been reduced to this state of Marxist retardation.