After inflicting upon the United States a horrible supply chain crisis, which is one of the main if not the main reason for the skyrocketing inflation, Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has pretended that the woes in question aren’t creating tremendous difficulties for countless American families throughout the nation.

Speaking during his last press conference at the UN climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, before heading home, Empty Shelves Joe demonstrated that he is literally totally out of it as he kept disparaging both the tremendous inflation and the growing shortages of food and other goods right ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Senile creep is whispering publicly again

On top of everything, Sleepy Joe did more of his absolutely bizarre whispering, pretending as though he is telling us a “secret” but instead giving off really creepy vibes which are, paradoxically, senile and childish at the very same time.

Biden did insist that nobody would trade “this Thanksgiving for last Thanksgiving” regardless of the growing inflation and the disappearing food and other consumer products.

When asked by reporters, he didn’t care to venture a guess when prices might start going down.

Instead, he blamed the supply chain problems on COVID-19 – and certainly not on the idiotic COVID-19 mandates imposed upon Americans by him and his own administration.

And he further blamed the spiking gasoline prices on OPEC+, which includes Russia, as the OPEC nations and Moscow are “refusing to pump more oil.”

Empty Shelves Joe was certainly oblivious of the fact that Thanksgiving turkeys alone will cost 27% more than they did last year, and the holiday overall will be substantially more expensive for Americans, many of whom are already struggling financially after over 1.5 years of the pandemic.

After blaming everything and everybody else but himself, Biden did his terrifying whispering which he used in order to state that “the United States is growing” – in spite of the “COVID-generated” supply chain problems.

As if to dispel a little bit the doubts that he is completely out of touch with reality, Empty Shelves Joe did admit that “these dislocations” are “real” and “do affect people’s lives.”

He did brag, however, that while his family, for example, celebrated Thanksgiving largely separated in order to keep social distancing protocols, this Thanksgiving will see much bigger family gatherings.

Food prices skyrocketing across the board

Apparently, Biden and his team picked an insignificant aspect of the upcoming holiday just to have something to tout as a success – not that it is one anyway – simply because of the crushing reality of inflation, goods shortages, and supply chain breakdowns.

According to Heather Garlich from the Food Industry Association, not only are more short-term price spikes of groceries to be expected in the upcoming weeks but the problems with shortages are going to continue well into 2022.

Across the country, beef prices have gone up by 12.2% during the past year, bacon is up by 17%, according to the Labor Department.

The prices of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs have gone up by 15.7% since August 2019.

Lusk said meat prices were more likely to be affected by market instability than other food categories.

‘Meat prices tend to be much more volatile in general, in part because there’s just, there are long biological lags,’ he said.

‘If you breed a cow, for example, it’s going to be three years before that offspring is ready for market.

‘And so, that tends to produce a lot more volatility whereas with fruit or vegetables, you’re making year-to-year price decisions, often with multiple harvests during a single season. [Produce farmers] can respond a lot more rapidly to changing supply and demand conditions. ‘