Both wokeism and the closely tied to it seditious “defund the police” movement have suffered a heavy blow as a majority of the voters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Tuesday voted to reject a motion to abolish the police in the city and replace it with a wokeist abomination supposed to be called “department of public safety.”

‘Abolish the police’ soundly defeated

The “defund the police” or even “destroy the police” push by radical Marxist wokeists has been the strongest in Minneapolis since the May 2020 death of black man George Floyd at the hands of local police officers, which back then ushered into violent wokeist riots in Democrat-controlled cities.

According to MinPost, a total of 56% of the residents of Minneapolis voted against the “department of public safety” effort, and in favor of the city’s PD, while only 44% supported the motion.

Vile proponents of the wokeist police reform in Minneapolis have claimed that a total overhaul of policing in the Minnesota city is necessary just in order to put an end to what has been described by them as “police violence.”

A vote in favor of doing away with the city’s police department would have changed the city charter by abolishing the requirement to have not just a police department but also to have it staffed with at least a minimum number of police officers.

The opponents of the moronic “abolish the police” push on part the wokeists have been emphasizing that such a policy step would deteriorate the situation of some of the Minneapolis communities which are already suffering from spiking crime rates.

Of course, the radical leftist Democrats behind the push don’t really care for their constituents in trouble, they just want to be able to create lawlessness, and, by extension, an anti-American, anti-capitalist, far-left “revolutionary situation.”

‘Abolish the police’ won’t stop terrorizing the locals

Despite the defeat of the vicious cause, the Minneapolis anti-white racist “progressives” from the “Yes 4 Minneapolis” organization, which is behind the push, have made it clear that they aren’t going to give up on their quest to abolish the police, which, if it was ever to happen, would drown the city in blood.

JaNae Bates, the Yes 4 Minneapolis director of communications made it clear that the results from Tuesday’s referendum in the city are considered as just a “lesson”, and not as a “loss”.

The lesson they learned, in her words, is that they need to be knocking on more doors.

That is to say, they wish to terrorize more locals with “campaigning” in order to try and trick them into agree to abolish the city’s police – which might as well be one of the dumbest things anybody has ever made up in the entire world.

All of that is just so that those same residents would then be left completely defenseless and at the mercy of anti-white racist looters and far-left Nazi death squads such as Antifa.

The wokeist “department of public safety” idea was proposed by “Yes 4 Minneapolis” after it collected a total of 22,000 signatures in its favor, and in September, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided that it can be put to a referendum.

Fortunately, unsuccessfully so, as it has now emerged.