We all know that children, especially babies, are like sponges, in the sense that they soak up anything and everything that is said and done around them.

KinderCare, a childcare center in Portland decided to capitalize on this well-known fact by urging the parents to be a bit more „woke” in their interactions with their infant child, even dedicating an entire section on their webpage to „diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

These concepts, clearly very easily understood by children and infants are further outlined on the site, describing a „sphere of understanding” for all sexual identities and family structures a child may come across.

The care center claims to respect all the boundaries of „DEI” by using classroom materials that reflect various identities, creating inclusive spaces made possible by what can only be described as a made-up job, their „inclusion services team” and many more “wokeist” terms you could read on any page promoting Critical Race Theory or anything related to the like.

KinderCare didn’t choose to put the brakes on just yet as they urged the parents to enforce that kind of education at home as well, stating that parents must hammer in the idea of privilege into the innocent, unsuspecting minds of their children as well as teach them the difference between equality and equity.

A video featured on the site depicts numerous „educators” explaining the ins and outs of „culturally responsive” teaching, with one of them explaining that due to her race it is important that children accept some norms, beliefs, and behaviors.

The program further explains that not all children have the same privilege and advises the parents to teach stereotype and bias concepts to their children who undoubtedly have previously done things deserving of feeling „white guilt.”

„Teach your white child to feel guilt“

On that note, the care center makes an emphasis on holidays, even more so on Columbus day, dubbed „Indigenous people’s day” by the progressive left for some extremely convoluted reason one article couldn’t be enough to explain.

Namely, KinderCare states the importance of education that reflects the children’s identities, histories, and experiences, especially in indigenous children, pointing out the need for an accurate sense of history as means to developing compassion, empathy, and an antiracist ideology.

Furthermore, they emphasize that while a person’s race was most likely a common subject in non-white households, more white families should include race in their daily conversations, even adding that a 6-week old child could be ready for understanding these concepts.

This seems to be downright absurd because if you ask any child under the age of 5 what a racist is they’ll tell you it’s a man who drives a racing car.

All these ideas are most definitely far too deep and confusing for a child to understand, especially when one sees the amount of guilt this ideology aims to put on the back of white children, all under the pretense of „understanding and acknowledging differences.“

Dark times seem to have come, as children are now taught to see their differences rather than to see their similarities, with a child’s skin color becoming their primary identity.

Putting that much pressure on your kid isn’t healthy and could cause serious damage, but as long as progressive parents of Portland keep cashing out for this sort of nonsense, KinderCare will continue to spoonfeed their babies with it.