In a recent media scandal, Robert Rihmeek Williams, known by his stage name „Meek Mill”, walked off a private flight following his claims that the flight attendant’s behavior was „racist” and endangering his well-being.

The incident began as the flight attendant, whose name is still unknown, came into Mill’s cabin and politely asked whether the gentlemen were smoking marijuana as it would be violating the company’s drug policies.

This somehow provoked Mill enough for him to film the confrontation, adding that he and his entourage had only boarded the plane 20 seconds ago and cursed at the flight attendant continuously for „slowing up his day.”

He continued to insult the flight attendant while also talking to the camera, stating that he felt his „racist energy” from the moment he and his friends boarded the plane, urging the viewers to note the flight company’s name despite there being no clear indicator which company that would be.

When pressed on the matter, later on, Mill refused to provide any information whether he or anyone else in his cabin was in possession of, or has smoked marijuana prior to boarding the flight.

Many social media users felt the urge to comment on the incident themselves, but the response was mixed, which isn’t uncommon for these Jussie Smollett-esque incidents that intend to drive a wedge between the white and black communities.

Some applauded Mill’s decisiveness to speak up and criticize the company’s business practices while others simply called him petty for blowing the whole thing way out of proportion.

Twitter users refrain from throwing accusations but choose to defend flight attendants as well

The video in question depicts Mill and his friends in a cabin and after the confrontation with the flight attendant, the rapper filmed him opening the hatch and allowing the passengers to leave as per Mill’s demands, in spite of the attendant’s continuous apologies for the misunderstanding.

One Twitter user supported Mill’s actions, stating that he did the right thing and added that he hopes the rapper was refunded for the flight, completely ignoring the fact that celebrities shouldn’t be above the law, even when it comes to non-violent crimes such as drug usage and possession.

Another fan also commented that smoking beforehand isn’t the same as smoking marijuana on the plane but that drew an entirely new line of comments with many adding that the lingering smell is disgusting and easily sticks to clothes and fabric.

Many others rushed to the flight attendant’s aid, exclaiming that he could have asked the question for noticing the smell of marijuana in the cabin and that he was just doing his job and following procedures.

Crying „racism“ and other incidents involving similar matters are a dangerous game, potentially putting someone out of work because of someone else’s pettiness or unwillingness to cooperate.

Mill can’t seem to stop whining about things lately though, as only last month the rapper claimed that the record label he was signed to was not issuing his paychecks, adding that he hasn’t been paid and will make his record deal public if his demands are not met.

The tweet has since been deleted, possibly as Mill realized he could lose a substantial amount of income should his contract with one of the record labels he’s signed to end.