Mountains of garbage bags paint a sad picture of New York as thousands of service workers get sent on unpaid leave as Bill DeBlasio’s vaccine mandate continues to reign terror.

Newly elected mayor Eric Adams of the democratic party has since promised to reconsider the mandate and have a sit-down with the unions and discuss moving forward in the future.

Currently, over 2,500 of FDNYs firefighters are still unable to report for duty as they are not vaccinated, with another 2,300 on sick leave as a means of not being put on administrative leave, leaving the FDNYs forces stretched thin.

A nonprofit worker in Staten Island, Juan Cuautle stated that the situation is quick to spiral out of control unless the mayor does something about it, with Staten Island receiving the harshest treatment.

Others left comments as well, with Wendell Rivera, a 29-year-old sanitation worker stating that they were already shorthanded, to begin with, adding that the trash will continue to pile up, with complaints increasing tenfold over the past month.

DeBlasio downplayed the issue, stating that the compliance rate was over 92% while also ignoring the fact that over 21,000 workers were on administrative or sick leave at the time.

Some workers were satisfied with the mandate, reporting that they received substantial bonuses for covering other’s trash routes, but many still stand their ground in hopes of showing just how important they are to the city.

The divide is not only among the service workers as people have also complained about their trash not getting picked up, but some still supported the sanitation workers in their protest, even taking their opinions to city hall where peaceful demonstrations against „medical tyranny” were held.

DeBlasio’s vaccine ultimatum

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, DeBlasio has threatened to fire those „pretending“ to be on sick leave, causing an uproar and even more pushback from the firefighter community, with many overworked due to severe understaffing.

You wouldn’t hear this anywhere else though, as the FDNY commissioner continues to claim that only 12 of the city’s 300 fire companies were down, less than half of what the unions are saying.

As it stands, that information will continue to be shrouded in mystery as the FDNY refuses to show data for 911 response times in the period since the mandate took effect.

Many firefighters have left statements too, with Gary Debiase, a 9/11 first responder claiming he would go back to work but not take the vaccine, adding that the mandate goes hand in hand with coercion.

DeBlasio seems to have left New York’s citizens’ lives in the hands of fate as active service worker numbers plummet.