Liberals, liberal leftists, and all of their other vile varieties love to pretend they care about the “people”, the “regular people”, the common folk, heck, even about the middle class.

Their concern for the people, or “the masses”, as they see them, however, is fake, and even as it is fake, it only applies to people who are either enthusiastic about their agenda, or who at least don’t contradict it.

If that kind of opposition for leftist liberalism ever presents itself, the good-goody “liberals” suddenly turn into completely malicious and fierce far-left totalitarians, seeking to dehumanize anybody who dares to oppose them.

Goody-goody liberals viciously attacking those running their narrative

In one such textbook case of liberals’ hypocrisy, liberals, including journalists from mainstream media, have mocked and attacked a regular American family of a mother, a husband, and their nine children because the latter had the “cheek” to tell a CNN reporter that they were really concerned about the spiking prices of groceries such as milk.

The family in question are the Stotlers, a couple from Texas who look after a total of nine children: two biological kids of their own, six other children whom they adopted, and one foster child.

Their complaints about the spiking food prices were featured in a report on CNN’s “News Day” which was seeking to explore the effect of the supply chain crisis and inflation on “everyday Americans.”

Mother Krista Stotler explains how due to the spiking grocery prices, the family is now spending an extra $100 a week on groceries, while father Larry Stotler said he is feeling guilty the family now has to buy less healthy food in order to save money.

Krista explained that if a gallon of milk until recently cost $1.99, now it’s gone up to $2.79. She added that this increase adds up to “a lot of money” in extra spending if you buy 12 gallons of milk per week over four weeks.

The poor Texas couple was then targeted almost immediately on Twitter by rabid and/or deranged liberals, including some who apparently hadn’t read or watched the report, and didn’t even realize that this wasn’t a family of four.

Mocking struggling American parents for ‘taking milk baths’

Some of the nastiest ridicule of the regular American couple came from “journalists” from the liberal leftist establishment of the mainstream.

For example, Jonathan Chait from the New York Magazine said the Stotlers were seemingly taking milk baths with this much milk.

Much of the ridicule was on the Twitter feed of vile CNN anchor Brianna Keilar.

Another “journalist”, Goldie Taylor, a contributing editor for the far-left Daily Beast, wondered “who buys 48 gallons of milk a month” – apparently having failed her journalism class on actually watching and/or reading a report before commenting on it.

Because the obvious answer is a family of 11.

A great many of the tweets were about arguing that the milk prices cited by the family’s mother haven’t been that cheap since the 1980s – an apparent attempt to cover up the inflation crisis caused by their favorite Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, disregarding the likelihood that the woman may have been referring to discounted milk prices.

It is painful and abhorrent to read all the nasty horsesh*t that liberals and liberal leftists are willing or even eager to spew out with respect to regular, everyday American families who are actually struggling to put decent food on the table because of the horrors caused by the liberal’s Biden administration.