If there is just one thing that Marxists, Communists, Socialists, etc., including of the wokeist type, do truly love, that’s money: raking up piles of cash through whatever means necessary, including lies and making up total nonsense, and then showering themselves with it.

Sure, they also love power, the spotlight, self-righteousness.

Being in a position to tell or even command others what to do and how to live are also common characteristics for any self-respecting political charlatan such as AOC or Hannah-Jones.

But piles of cash top all of those.

And it seems to be the sweetest for them if it’s cash from state coffers that can be embezzled.

But any cash that comes their way by virtue of their Marxism is just awesome for them.

In the case of modern-day American Marxists, who are typically of the wokeism persuasion, they do enjoy making piles of cash while propagating their vicious, fake, made-up ideals, messages, and ideological monstrosities, all the while sowing division and conflict in order to destroy the American society, democracy, freedom, families, and capitalism.

$17,000 in 55 minutes: not too shabby for middle-aged wokeist in her prime

One of the most prominent and most repugnant far-leftist in today’s America – Nikole Hannah-Jones – is a prime example of that.

Hannah-Jones is the founder of the 1619 Project of The New York Times – a tall-tale of blatant lies about how the United States is and has always been “all about” slavery – whereas in reality slavery has been at most a side note for America, nothing more.

Evidently, however, trumping-up fallacies and tall-tales about slavery and “racism” is worth it moneywise because Hannah-Jones just made nearly $17,000 for a single hour as she gave a brief “lecture” on the nonsense that she’s peddling and even answered some questions about it.

The institution which paid the 1619 Project founder, and whose sanity and integrity should be taken with a pinch of salt as a result, is the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, The Daily Mail reported.

Hannah-Jones, whose disgusting lies for the NYT have even been rewarded by the far-left media establishment with a Pulitzer, spoke during the Writer’s Week of the university.

A University of North Carolina Wilmington spokesperson told Fox News the event was paid from a donor-supported fund, which is managed by the respective department.

Tremendous level of wokeist’s sophistication

The whopping cash payment wasn’t enough for the Marxist charlatan’s sophisticated taste, though, so the University of North Carolina also paid for her plane tickets, transportation, accommodation, and meals for two days.

And as any orthodox luxury-loving Marxist, Hannah-Jones had to brag about it as on Tuesday she posted on Twitter a photo of the gift basket that she got in her hotel suite, garnished with the 1860 book by Ellen and William Craft, the most famous slave fugitives in American history, “The American Negro: His History and Literature.”

Hannah-Jones’ highly moral integrity-charged comment for getting the luxury gift basked was that “y’all know how to treat a gal.”

What a tremendous level of sophistication and moral superiority from this prophet and modern-day cash-raking martyr of lie-based idiocy!

Hannah-Jones’ contract for her 40-minute UNC-Wilmington speech plus a 15-minute Q&A session obtained by Fox News shows she got exactly $16,670 for a total of 55 minutes.

Not too shabby for a wokeist Marxist.

Apparently, all you have to do is brainwash enough Americans into believing that their country and they themselves are inherently racist, and there will never be anything more to them – and disgusting wokeism money starts flowing your way!