The FBI has raided two properties in New York connected with Project Veritas, the conservative activist journalism project, over the theft and publication last fall of the personal diary of Ashley Biden, the daughter of Democrat President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

The two raids were under an investigation by the Department of Justice and were performed by the FBI and federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

They were announced by The New York Times in a report.

The FBI raids were then confirmed on Friday in a video by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, which came as a reaction to the report.

Daughter, diary keeping low profile

The raided properties are a New York City apartment of Spencer Meads, a PV operative, and the PJ office in Westchester.

Ashley Biden’s diary was stolen after the future Democrat president’s daughter forgot it in a room where she was staying.

O’Keefe revealed that PV did obtain the diary after it was offered to it by tipsters the week before the 2020 presidential election.

However, Project Veritas decided not to release it because it couldn’t confirm its authenticity.

The conservative outlet tried to return it to the Biden family through a lawyer of Ashley Biden, who refused to verify its authenticity.

After that, PV turned it over to the law enforcement.

PV had been told by the tipsters that they were offering Ashley Biden’s diary to numerous outlets in exchange for money.

Another conservative site did go ahead and publish the entirety of the 112-page diary back on October 28, 2020, just before last year’s election.

However, Ashley Biden’s diary was mostly ignored by all media, including conservative sites that weren’t certain if it’s authentic.

Back then, the Department of Justice of the Trump administration did start an investigation into the matter.

The raid into Project Veritas’ sites now raises the possibility that the leaked diary is in fact authentic

Unlike her scandalous half-brother Hunter Biden, Ashley Biden, who is married to a surgeon based in Philadelphia, has had a much lower public profile as her father ended up occupying the White House.

Hunter Biden, on the other hand, is the subject of a DOJ investigation over his taxes.

Investigation smacking of politics?

In his video on Friday, PV founder James O’Keefe said his organization didn’t leak the news about the FBI raids of their venues.

He wondered how it is possible for the theft of a diary to be investigated by the FBI and the Department of Justice, and concluded that this “investigation smacks of politics”.

Meads, the PV operative, whose apartment was raided by the FBI in Midtown Manhattan, has been living there since 2019.

Flyover Media, which is the firm whose site published Ashley Biden’s diary, is registered at an address in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The same address is used by Branch Six Consulting International, the firm of former UK spy Richard Seddon who has trained PV operatives.

James O’Keefe himself, the founder of PV, used to be the president of a firm once also registered at the same address.

It is to be seen whether the Ashley Biden diary probe would have any significant repercussions, or whether, as O’Keefe seemed to imply somewhat, the investigation is being used to target Project Veritas itself.