Edward Durr, a truck driver from New Jersey, pulled off one of the greatest electoral surprises of 2021 by winning in a race for the president of the State Senate.

Durr, a devoted member of the GOP, won by a landslide (difference of more than 2000 votes) against Steve Sweeney who has been the president of the New Jersey Senate for the last 10 years.

As a response to the electoral results, a former adviser of the Lincoln Project, as well as a writer for the Atlantic, mocked Durr in a Twitter post focusing on the fact that Durr’s main motive to become a candidate for the Senate president is that he can’t get a concealed gun permit.

Thomas Nichols spoke against Edward Durr and the electoral results

The condescending tweet by Thomas Nichols shocked the public as he criticized Durr and dismissed electoral results by suggesting that a man who is a truck driver and ran because he couldn’t get a concealed carry permit shouldn’t become a NY Senate president.

In all his irony, Nichols wrote that he is sure it will provide for a well-informed legislator.

Shortly after the former adviser of the Lincoln Project tweeted about Durr’s victory, hundreds of GOP supporters responded to Nichols’s mocking message.

They defended Edward suggesting that there is nothing wrong in running for office after having your constitutional rights breached as well as that Durr decided to make a change by challenging for the office instead of acting as an “internet warrior”.

Apart from supporters of the elected Senate president, Joe Walsh, who is a well-known critic of Trump tweeted that there is nothing wrong with Durr’s motive.

The results of the NJ Senate elections held on Thursday were pretty shocking for all supporters of the Democratic party.

It isn’t only an upset for Senator Steve Sweeney but also for all people who thought that a common man can’t succeed in politics.

As Edward Durr stated, one of his main electoral motives is the fact that he wasn’t allowed to have a concealed carry permit.

Before taking the office for the first time in his life, the devoted Republican has been a furniture truck driver for most of his career.