During a recent TV interview, the 44-year-old rapper and producer Kanye West assured the public that even though he might not be wearing the red hat, his loyalties still lie in the same place, hinting at his support for ex-president Donald Trump.

This seems to be a 180-degree turn from his last interview that touched on the topic of Trump, where Kanye stated that he would be „taking the red hat off”, following a supposed falling out with the then-president.

Kanye’s interviews never end on one topic as he also shifted the view towards the #metoo movement which he heavily criticized for misusing their power against men, adding that they pull up accusations of sexual misconduct regarding persons from decades ago.

Kanye’s support of Trump seems to be neverending with their close relationship starting in 2018 when the rapper voiced his support for the ex-president, showing up at the White House wearing the iconic MAGA hat and claiming Trump to be the hero America needs.

This caused a lot of backlash from the black community with many of them accusing him of being Trump’s puppet meant to siphon the votes of the African American community away from the democrats.

Kanye responded to these accusations with those of his own, claiming that calling black votes „democrat votes” is a form of racism in itself and that none should assume all blacks vote democrat.

Kanye vs. The world

The rapper also touched on the topic of his divorce, or lack thereof as he put it, claiming that he had never seen the divorce papers despite his wife Kim Kardashian apparently filing them back in February of 2021.

The superstar couple had given birth to 4 children who must have not taken the „divorce” lightly, as Kanye said that they just wanted mommy and daddy to be together again, adding that he wanted to be together with Kim too.

In a recent interview, Kanye’s wife Kim stated that the divorce came down to one thing and one thing only, which is Kanye’s explosive personality, which came off as hypocritical when she was seen dating SNL comedian and actor Pete Davidson, who’s had a fair share of controversy himself.

Throughout the interview, Kanye continued to criticize many co-stars from the music industry, some of which were John Legend and Big Sean, for „selling out” to the democrats and scrutinizing his presidential campaign.

Kanye stated that without him no one would have signed the two to which he referred to as „clowns” and jokingly depicted his own tombstone saying it would write „I deserve to be here for signing Big Sean.”

He showed a recent text message group he made consisting of Drake, Jay-Z, and many others, with his message „I’m worth more than all y’all on this text combined.”

Kanye seems to love the spotlight and it sure loves him as well and we hope that he will continue to support the right in all his future endeavors.