Following a NASCAR reporter’s comical “slip” that caused her to misinterpret the crowd chanting „F**K JOE BIDEN“ as „LET’S GO BRANDON“, many liberal media personalities have voiced their disgust with the phrase.

The chant took off overnight, with many sport venue attendees adopting it as a newer and more politically correct version of the previous anti-Joe Biden rallying chant.

The media, however, seem to have forgotten how supportive they were of the same kind of sentiment being hurled at the previous president, Donald Trump, even taking the debate to Twitter with many labeling the „Let’s go Brandon” as vulgar for some reason unbeknownst to us, while others even compared it to declaring love for ISIS, the middle eastern terrorist group.

Are celebrities exempt from criticism?

The left seems to have forgotten that immediately after Trump’s inauguration into the White House, Famous pop star Madonna declared at a Woman’s March in Washington, that she will blow up the white house along with the president in it, a highly ILLEGAL thing to say.

Later during the speech, Madonna tried to turn it down a few notches, urging her crowd to chant „We choose love” over the far more vulgar things they were saying before that.

Another very illegal thing to do would be depicting yourself shooting the current president with a gun, with the music video of a famous rapper Snoop Dogg’s remix of the song „Lavender“ doing exactly that.

Namely, in the video, Snoop can be seen pointing a firearm at a clown made to closely resemble the then-president, after which the rapper pulled the trigger, revealing a flag with the text „bang!“ on it shoot out of the weapon’s barrel.

Should someone give Biden the same treatment, they would be lynched in a town square by the „progressive“ left.

Back in 2018, famous actor, Robert DeNiro used the „let’s go Brandon” equivalent for president Trump during his speech at a Tony Awards ceremony, causing the crowd to cheer for minutes as broadcast censors struggled to keep up with the standing ovations and chants that followed.

DeNiro would not stop there as he continued to throw vulgar insults at the president, calling him a madman and demanding that he be taken out of office.

Another rapper to take up the business of insulting Trump would be Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 cent.

50, however, did not start on the wrong side of the battle, initially voicing his support for the president during the 2020 election, stating that Biden’s tax plan would turn him into „20 cent”.

Sadly, following his claims, Chelsea Handler, a liberal comedian, and Curtis’ ex, mocked him for his affiliations, and even offered to pay for his taxes should he switch sides.

The already bankrupt 50 couldn’t turn down this offer and quickly took to Twitter, adding the famous „F**K Donald Trump” to his already questionable lineup of tweets.

These are only some of the examples demonstrating just how hypocritical the left can be, and they’re not looking to stop any time soon as they continue to protest the harmless and PG-13 phrase „Let’s go Brandon“ that passes as simply exercising one’s freedom of speech.