Following a mock battle held in the past few weeks, information has surfaced that the US troops have faced a humiliating defeat halfway through the exercise, and all eyes are on General Mark Milley who is thought to have „softened up” the nation’s finest with his left-leaning views.

Namely, our troops started off the 5-day battle with the British Royal Marines and allies starting with only 20% terrain control, but over the course of slightly over 2 days, the British forces seem to have won by - us surrendering.

Senator Josh Hawley felt that this kind of disgrace to American values should be unacceptable, directing his anger at Milley, who has previously supported „woke” ideas and received massive backlash for criticizing the US capitol building attack in January.

Hawley stated that the general was using the army as a social experiment rather than a display of military force, joking with the idea of the Chinese trying to comprehend why American warfighters like Milley and Secretary Austin refuse to do their jobs.

The military is not in a good spot lately, it seems, with the Pentagon still under fire for the Afghanistan incident, and the latest mishap in the Chinese sea, involving the firing of commanding and executive officers and boat chief over collision with an „uncharted sea structure”.

This miscalculation had left a dozen crew members injured, with investigators wondering just how easily the accident could have been avoided with proper judgment and decision making.

With this much smoke regarding what could possibly be the US’s greatest asset, Hawley couldn’t help but be enraged, adding that the military should be trained to fight, especially with the world becoming a more dangerous place than ever due to China’s rising military power.

Sadly, training end deploying a deadly military force seems to have lost priority with „climate adaptation plans” and critical race theories taking center stage.

Downplaying the embarrassment

Captain Zachary Colvin, however, refuted the claims that the army surrendered, stating that the exercise itself has no option of surrender, nor does it keep score, but rather poses as a means of heightening troop performance, readiness, and teamwork.

The numbers don’t add up though, with very clear results being presented, depicting a brutal defeat at the hands of the UK’s commando brigades which had already spent the previous 3 months training in the Mojave desert.

To add insult to injury, Lieutenant Colonel Andy Dow of 40 commandos stated that their new commando forces have proven to be more lethal than ever, congratulating his troops on their victory.

As it stands, if the US military is left in the hands of the meek left, we could end up with squads of softies using kind words and inclusive language to defend against whatever the world’s other military giants throw at us.

The Brits had some amazing target practice with our forces the last couple of weeks, and things will have to change before it’s too late