During a press conference on Thursday, following Michelle Wu’s victory at the Boston mayoral election, she remained steadfast in her intent to remove police officers from Boston schools indefinitely.

The reason behind the press conference was a teacher being knocked unconscious by a 16-year-old student on Wednesday, causing her to suffer a concussion and several broken ribs.

Patricia Lampron, the teacher in question and 61-year old principal of Dr. William W. Henderson Upper Campus school, was supposedly attacked for asking the unnamed student to abandon the premises at the end of the day.

She seems to have stepped on a nerve or two, as the student knocked her out cold for 4 minutes, and injured another teacher, albeit less seriously while trying to run away.

When pressed on the matter, Wu called the incident horrific and tragic but said that she still plans to remove police officers from schools, with her manifesto stating that studies have shown that students feel less safe in the presence of metal detectors and that removing police officers would end the alleged disproportionate criminalization of Latino and black students.

Seems kind of counterintuitive, especially as those metal detectors were brought in for the safety of the children and teachers, to begin with.

A defenseless teacher getting hurt is only the beginning

Without intervention, violence will continue to prosper.

After a report was filed on the incident, it has been found that the unnamed student’s mother had previously threatened Lampron, and the superintendent Brenda Casselius stated that the incident is completely unacceptable and that the public should expect punitive measures for those involved, adding that violence will never be tolerated in Boston’s public schools.

The student in question has since been taken into custody and is expected to appear in Dorchester Juvenile court on account of battery and assault charges.

Lampron’s daughter, Mary Kate Lampron, spoke up on the matter as well, claiming that her mother, who was very passionate about education, her students, and the community, did not deserve this kind of treatment.

She demanded a full investigation into the circumstances of the assault, urging that other students or teachers could be hurt in the future unless safety measures are reinstalled into the schools, as the 2020 schooling reforms removed the requirement for police officers in school buildings.