It has by now become painfully and abundantly clear that the Cabinet of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is made up of wretched incompetents who don’t really care and aren’t really able to prevent or solve crises but instead are the ones who bring them about.

That misfortunate, anti-American setup holds true for any one of them: for Antony Blinken on foreign policy, for Alejandro Mayorkas on illegal immigration, for Pete Buttigieg on transportation, for Lloyd Austin on defense, to name but a few.

Now ‘this is hilarious’!

A special place on the Cabinet disgrace row of the “Brandon administration”, however, must now immediately be reserved for the clueless Sleepy Joe Biden’s Canadian-born Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm.

Due to the growing demand and various energy distribution, supply chain, and oil production issues, and the Biden administration’s empowering of anti-American satraps like Russian leader Vladimir Putin, gas prices are skyrocketing all across the US, reaching mind-blowing levels.

Against this backdrop, apparently due to its pro-climate disposition, maybe even due to its wokeism, the “Brandon administration” isn’t doing squat to boost America’s oil production, which not so long ago, under President Donald Trump was the biggest oil producer surpassing both Russia and Saudi Arabia.

And not only is Sleepy Joe’s gang not doing anything but it considers the whole thing hilarious.

You know, the fact that you and hundreds of millions of other American consumers are paying top dollar just for the luxury of gas and driving is just the funniest thing in the world for these Commie folks.

This much has been demonstrated by Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s Canadian-born Energy Secretary, a former governor of the state of Michigan.

Granholm appeared on Bloomberg TV on Friday to emit the most disgusting type of Brandon administration laughter, just about equated with the hyena-like chuckle of Kamala “the Veep” Harris.

When Bloomberg host Tom Keen asked about a potential “Granholm plan” for increasing oil production in order to alleviate the gas price shock for Americans, Sleepy Joe’s Canadian energy secretary burst out laughing, and, so that there isn’t any confusion, she explicitly said that ‘this is hilarious.”

Putting America at the mercy of OPEC+

Granholm then added she doesn’t have a “magic wand on this”, and went on to remind that global oil prices are controlled by a cartel, the OPEC – which is actually now OPEC+ together with Putin’s Russia.

She added that OPEC had just made the decision the day before not to increase oil production. And that’s that.

We’re just stuck with Granholm’s laughter, and there is nothing to do, just wait for the spiking inflation to wipe out the American middle class, while sending millions of Americans literally struggling and having to make the choice between buying gas and buying food.

Leading Republicans have already blasted the Biden administration for failing to increase domestic production, apparently due to its green climate policies.

Thus, instead of boosting America’s own production, the Sleepy Joe Cabinet has made sure to make the nation once again fully dependent on the mercy of foreign countries – and to declare itself powerless to do anything about that.

The situation is indeed so ridiculous that Granholm might just unabashedly laugh her Canadian a** off.