HBO host Bill Maher is a well-known, long-time liberal – but he is of that kind of liberals who seems invaluable compared with the present-day liberal-leftist-Marxist-wokeist bunch, as he seems to have some boundaries, common sense, and basic decency.

That is why in recent months Maher has become increasingly popular with non-liberals too, as he has been reacting with passion and integrity on exposing the gravest abuses and excesses of wokeism, transgenderism, and other kinds of Marxism.

In the latest edition of his HBO show “Real Time”, Maher actually clashed with Michael Eric Dyson, a liberal leftist Marxist from Vanderbilt University, a sickening proponent of critical race theory, and, respectively, of anti-white racism.

CRT made-up right-wing propaganda tool?!

As Maher and Dyson clashed, the latter kept insisting that those parents opposing the imposing of critical race theory are actually opposing the teaching of black history.

Maher was forced to retort that as none of the parents expressing outrage at school board meetings across the nation actually had any problems with the teaching of black history – because of course, wokeist Marxists equate any kind of criticism with total annihilation.

The HBO host picked up the topic after Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia which was lost by the Democrats, with Republican Glenn Youngkin securing the win.

To this Dyson argued that none of the parents in Virginia who have been outraged at CRT can actually define it, and that instead, they are indignant because “black history” has assumed a central place in school curriculums.

Here Maher actually had to jump and school Dyson by telling him that people are actually objecting to very different things from the teaching of black history, namely, the separation of children by race, and into two categories, white “oppressors” and black “oppressed”.

In Maher’s words, this whole development and practice are highly traumatizing to children.

As a good Marxist, however, Dyson kept not hearing what Maher was saying, and kept insisting that critical race theory is actually just being used by the right as a political rallying cry and propaganda tool.

He also claimed that the whole “anti-CRT craze” began when Christopher Rufo, a prominent conservative activist, saw the term in “anti-racism” literature, and thought it would be very useful for conservatism.

Only black children ‘can be traumatized’

Dyson then rejected the notion that white children can be “traumatized”, and insisted that only black children can be traumatized, including as they are being “made to portray slaves.”

The Marxist professor also alleged that America has a very “deeply entrenched” anti-black sentiment that goes “way beyond Trump,” and that the Republican Party itself is “racist.”

Maher ripped Dyson by emphasizing that the vicious attacks of the far left are targeting children who are too young to appreciate and comprehend what is going on around them.

Another of Bill Maher’s guests, Glenn Loury, a professor at Brown University, lambasted the left’s activists who deny what is happening in schools and colleges.

He insisted that the US society needs to move past race, and not regress on the subject.

As a malicious Marxist, Dyson retorted that there cannot be a “race-neutral” approach to education – because we know that for Marxists it is about creating division, distrust, and conflict – that’s how you get a crisis situation, and a “revolution”.

Maher also blasted Dyson on the ugly, disgusting phenomenon of “self-segregation”, to which the professor couldn’t object.