During their most recent „ignite” conference this Tuesday, Microsoft showed the world that Apple isn’t the only quirky child of the tech company family, causing thousands of social media users to laugh at their behavior.

Namely, the bizarreness begins with the company’s desperate need to adhere to the latest trends among progressives, with many of them being nothing short of clowning around in the eyes of normal American folks.

The conference started off with Microsoft’s eccentric event host addressing the native peoples’ that the land has previously belonged to, possibly still riding on the coattails of the usual Columbus day aftermath that leaves the left’s faces wet with crocodile tears over the suffering the native people have gone through at the hands of the evil white man.

The absurdity didn’t stop there, far from it, as Microsoft’s senior program manager, Alison Wines proceeded to introduce herself as an Asian White female with brown hair and in a red sleeveless top.

Others followed in her footsteps, with Seth Juarez, a program manager of the AI platform describing himself as a tall Hispanic male with a blue shirt and khaki pants, adding that starting Tuesday, Microsoft plans to hold 2 days worth of conferences and study groups focusing on innovation and connection among peers around the world.

Bill Gates loves money. Who would’ve thought?

Right off the bat, any sane person can see the nonsense in all of this, from the non-standardized introductions that offer redundant and obsolete info on the person presenting, to the contradictions that examples like Alison Wines introducing herself as Asian and White pose, despite the woke left alienating and ostracizing the white demographic time and time again.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with Microsoft’s clowning around, as Balaji Srinivasan, a serial entrepreneur and investor called the conference „Woke Capital Incarnate.”

Insider columnist Josh Barro heavily criticized another introduction by Nic Fillingham, who described himself as a caucasian man with a beard who operated as a security evangelist, stating that talking like a bunch of weirdos leaves a bad taste in the mouth of normal people which should make up most of Microsoft’s customers.

Freethink media owner Kmele Foster didn’t have much to say but his tweet claiming the conference to be „utterly bananas” speaks for itself.

There have been speculations that the introductions were designed in such a way to help those with impaired vision view the conference, but given Microsoft’s previous „woke” behaviors, that is highly unlikely.

In all their hypocritical glory, the tech company has yet to leave a statement on whether they vacated the „sacred lands“ of the native peoples they showed their respect for, and it is understandable, Bill’s pockets seem to be bottomless and filling them up is his number one priority.