NASCAR, the auto racing company whose recent race in Alabama gave birth to the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan, a euphemism for “F**k Joe Biden”, is now indignant over the usage of the popular chant, and claims that it is apolitical – neither left nor right – never mind that it already went “woke” last year.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” chant has become one of the most potent expressions of political protest against the quest of the left to destroy America, right now under auspices of the “Brandon administration,” i.e. the government of Sleepy Joe Biden.

By now everybody around the globe is aware that it means “F**k Joe Biden” – and its usage throughout the United States is spreading like wildfire.

The phrase itself got born out of the mainstream media’s efforts to silence and censor criticism against Joe Biden, after the “F**k Joe Biden” chant started overtaking stadiums and other public venues across the US in September.

As in October, NBC News sports reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing driver Brandon Brown after he won the Talladega Superspeedway NASCAR race in Alabama, the chant was fully on.

Deliberately or by mistake, Stavast declared that the audience was chanting, “Let’s go, Brandon!” – thus giving birth to the even more viral anti-Biden slogan, and making a laughing stock of herself, NBC News, and the mainstream media in general.

‘I feel for Biden… uhhh, Brandon’

Now, however, Steve Phelps, the President of NASCAR has hypocritically complained over the usage of “Let’s Go Brandon” – apparently defying the inclinations of the vast majority of the auto racing sports’ fans.

Phelps also threatened that the company will sue anybody who puts the slogan on any kind of merchandise together with some of NASCAR’s trademarks, as cited by AP.

Even more hypocritically, he actually condemned the usage of the catchy slogan, and argued that NASCAR doesn’t wish to be associated with any kind of politics – never mind the fact that as early as 2020 he made it clear that the company was succumbing to wokeism and favoring “social justice.”

Phelps was especially enraged by the fact that Lenny Dykstra, a retired baseball star, tweeted last week a photo of a man who was eating breakfast at a hotel in New Jersey and was wearing a black shirt sporting the Let’s Go Brandon slogan together with NASCAR’s trademarked color bars.

The NASCAR chief vowed to “pursue and get” whoever is using his company’s logos alongside “Let’s Go Brandon” because it’s “not OK” to use its trademarks “illegally”, regardless of the company’s political stance.

Phelps also said that “I feel for Brandon” because his name is used in the slogan, and insisted that NASCAR does “not want to associate ourselves with politics”.

He added that the auto racing company “isn’t happy” with the fact that “it kind-of started with NASCAR” but that it will still keep having great “respect” for the presidential office, regardless of “who is sitting.”

But NASCAR already went woke!?

Back in Febraury, it was Phelps who touted a survey that found that supposedly NASCAR fans were over-excited by the company’s “stance on social justice” in 2020, more specifically, in June 2020, apparently after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis.

The NASCAR head said that its actions in “social justice”, “diversity”, “equity”, and “inclusion” will be authentic to his company.

So, there you have it: NASCAR is massively wokeist, a huge part of the vicious ideology of the left, but now that it has become the breeding ground for a slogan defying both the leftist, wokeist president, and the vile censorship of the mainstream media, all of a sudden its chief Steve Phelps is turning “non-political”.

And we are supposed to be buying that.