Modern-day American and Western Marxism, as any form of Marxism, is all about gaining absolute power – and it doesn’t shy away from using the nastiest, most perfidious methods to achieve that.

Having replaced the failed class-based “class struggle” with race-based and gender-based alternatives – in which racial and “gender” groups, and not the working class – are supposed to destroy capitalism once and for all, modern-day Marxism in the West has managed to focus all of its on its top made-up target group: straight white men.

In fact, the constant demonization of white men, especially non-gay white men, is one of today’s Marxism’s most crucial postulates as well as “class struggle” methods.

And it’s been proving so efficient, that the vicious Marxists are advancing towards the next stage of the dehumanization of white men – which would theoretically be the last stage before the final one, the stage of their ultimate destruction, figuratively or otherwise.

Using corporate greed to advance anti-white racism, misandry

This process seems to be especially advanced on Wall Street, where Marxist wokeism and transgenderism are rapidly gaining traction – so much so that leading investment firms are now emerging as hellish bastions of an intertwining of anti-white racism and misandry, the term used to denote hatred for men, the reverse counterpart of misogyny.

State Street Global Advisors, one of the world’s largest investment firms, is one of the frontrunners in this combination of misandry and racism against whites.

The firm’s hiring staff now needs to ask permission in order to hire white men, The Sunday Times reported, as cited by Fox News.

The reason for that is the rolling for the firm’s “diversity hiring initiative” – and diversity has been standing for “anti-whiteness” for quite a while now.

The report cites the firm’s head of inclusion, another word for anti-white racism plus misandry, Jess McNicholas, who stated that all of its leaders expected to show in their annual appraisals what they managed to do to “improve the representation” of minorities and women.

According to the report, State Street Global Advisors is seeking to triple the number of its staffers who are a minority, including black, Asian, and others, and those executives who fail at that, will suffer reduced bonuses.

Panels with women and minority quotas

What’s even more ludicrous is that the investment bank’s recruiters hiring staff for middle management will need to set up panels of 4-5 employees, each one of which is supposed to contain a minority person and a woman.

According to McNicholas, the bank would still hire white men but the recruiter is obliged to guarantee diversity in the interviewing process.

The Boston-based State Street Corporation, which has about 40,000 employees in more than 30 offices across the globe, made headlines in 2017 with the ordering of the “Fearless Girl Statue” staring at the Charging Bull on Wall Street.

The sculpture was commissioned for International Women’s Day but was later moved to the building of the NYSE over complaints from the Charging Bull’s statue.