Transgenderism is one of the “sweetest” sub-divisions of Marxism, from a Marxist viewpoint that is – in the sense that Marxism proclaims that reality is what you wish it to be, or, rather, what your lefty-Commie ideology proclaims it to be – and transgenderism and “gender ideology” just takes that and applies it to biological sex.

In the past 2-3 decades, as “Cultural” and other brands of Marxism gained free ground all over America’s college campuses, vicious anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, and anti-American Marxists have truly indulged in the development of transgenderism as a full-fledged political ideology – disgusting and lunatic as it might seem to any sane, decent human being.

Fewer Americans believe the gender lies

Its ideologues have excelled in particular in the invention of all kinds of nonsensical genders, while arguing counter-factually that there is no such thing as sex, or “natural sex”, or “biological sex”, only genders that are both natural to individuals, and whatever those individual wish to make up.

That’s how they’ve ended up with crap such as “polygender”, “non-binary”, “gender-queer”, “gender outlaw”, “androgyne”, “bigender”, “pan-sexual”, “demi-sexual”, “trigender”, “octa-gender”, “idiot-sexual”, “cretin-gender” – basically, you can just make up some crap-whimsical adjective and slap a crappy, fallacious “definition” to it – and, there you go, you are all set with a new gender!

And that one will make you sooo unique, too – like anybody in the world should even give a crap about “you” and your “uniqueness”.

Of course, nobody does but that’s part of the nonsense they use to brainwash and lie to innocent kids and teens to get to “transition” and destroy their lives in other hellish ways.

It would help, though, if you can get the liberal leftist mainstream propaganda media to mention it in some “progressivist” materials here and there to get it established and popularized.

The good news is that, apparently, fewer and fewer Americans are buying the transgenderism nonsense.

A public opinion poll conducted in September by the Public Religion Research Institute, a pro-transgender NPO, showed that just 17% of US citizens “strongly believe” in the existence of multiple genders.

That is a substantial decline from the 24% who believed in multiple genders in the same poll back in 2019, Breitbart News reported.

It cites a statement by the American Principles Project (APP), a conservative think tank, pointing out to the recent gubernatorial election victory in Virginia by Republican Glenn Youngkin, as evidence that many voters, and in particular those who are parents, are “waking up” to the horror of the gender ideology and transgenderism.

We are winning against transgenderism?

The above-cited poll also discovered that there is also dwindling support for the practice of allowing biological men claiming to be women to play on female sports teams.

That support is down to 36% of Americans, compared with 50% back in 2018.

The APP emphasized that “despite relentless propagandizing” of transgenderism by the mainstream media and the entertainment industry, public opinion has already switched in the direction of rejecting the “radical gender ideology” of the left.

The APP President, Terry Schilling, pointed out it is very encouraging that a “decisive majority” holds the scientific view that humans are male and female.

He said “we are winning” and the advantage against transgenderism must be pressed forward.

So there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, not as much light as there used to be when things once were just normal, and no Marxism-poisoned, America-hating morons were making up “genders” and crap.