The ideology of “gender identity” and transgenderism, a major subset of today’s American Marxism that seems to be dominating the Democratic Party, has scored a new win as the US Navy has named a ship after Harvey Milk, a Navy vet, gay rights leader, and one of the openly gay people to become elected officials in the US.

To make the transgenderist victory even more convincing, the vessel in question was christened on Saturday by a Navy veteran who is transgender, before it was launched in San Diego Bay.

Biden’s abysmal administration touting transgenderism

Milk served for four years in the US Navy before being forced to leave.

He was later elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors despite being openly homosexual.

In 1978, San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk were assassinated at City Hall by Dan White, a former political colleague.

The USNS Harvey Milk, the newly launched vessel, is a replenishment oiler for the US Navy.

Paula M. Neira, a transgender former Navy officer, who is presently the director of the clinical program of the Transgender Health Center of Johns Hopkins University, smashed a bottle of champagne for the vessel’s christening.

The traditional ceremony was observed in person by Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro and Harvey Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk, The Daily Mail reported.

Del Toro, who is part of Democrat President Joe Biden’s pathetic anti-American and certainly anti-military administration, declared that he had to be present as Secretary of the Navy in order to “amend the wrongs of the past” but also in order to inspire “LGBTQ community ledders” who are veterans from the Navy.

His message to those individuals was that the “Brandon administration” has a commitment to their “future”.

Del Toro lamented the fact during his service in the Navy, Harvey Milk had to mask his identity as a gay man, and was eventually forced out – and so have many other LGBT Navy sailors.

He then praised those who keep serving in the navy in spite of the injustice that they were suffering.

Del Toro said that, like many others, Milk had to hide his homosexuality – an “important part of his life” – while he served in the Navy.

Six woke vessel names chosen back under Obama

The naming of the USNS Harvey Milk replenishment oiler after the gay rights activist is coming against the backdrop of increasing outrage that the US military is becoming increasingly wokeist and transgenderist.

The naming of the vessel after Milk was announced back in 2016, during the second Obama administration, when then-Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, said six new oilers, including this one, will be named for human rights and civil rights leaders.

The other names in question include: Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, Sojourner Truth, Robert Kennedy, suffragist Lucy Stone, and Chief Justice Earl Warren.