A breath of fresh air might be coming for conservatives in NYC, and it’s coming from the most unexpected of places: the new democrat mayor of the city.

Now this does seem a bit backwards given his affiliation with the democrat party, but Eric Adams, former mayor of Brooklyn, is definitely a step up from previous, obsessively woke liberal mayor Bill DeBlasio who forced thousands of people out of their jobs over a nonsensical vaccine mandate for service workers.

Aside from promising to solve the issues DeBlasio has caused with his oppressive rule, Adams also urged his fellow citizens, especially democrats to weed out those supporting anarchist groups that threw Molotov cocktails at police cars and those wishing to destroy the American way of life.

What’s better, in a conversation with both president Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Adams stated that the ones trying to defund the police aren’t the real democrat body, adding that he wants police officers to keep doing their jobs.

Last Sunday, during his interview on CNN’s „State of the union” Adams criticized the state New York is in, stating that nearly 65% of black children don’t read proficiently, garbage was piling up and that public safety had become a serious issue that has to be addressed.

He finished by adding that New York needs to „get back to basics” and address each problem properly, one at a time.

Respecting religious freedoms, but not the „woke“ kind

Adams may be a progressive and it definitely shows with his attitude that anything can be solved through government, but a certain red note does seem to run through his veins, as despite claiming he is not willing to redact any previous vaccine mandates, he is willing to make exceptions for some.

Namely, he stated that of the 20% of service workers that aren’t vaccinated, many put forth legitimate reasons for refusing vaccination, pointing out that a woman refused to get vaccinated due to religious reasons and was sent on unpaid leave.

Adams assured that he will do his best to show those people that the city will continue to respect their religious freedoms, adding that he will do the same for anyone with proper medical or religion-related reasons for refusing vaccination.

Adams seems to be the first democrat to protest the Antifa’s violent thugs and the left’s preposterous demands to defund the police, standing together with law-abiding citizens and the boys in blue to make New York a safer place for everyone.

The Right should keep their eye on this one as he appears to be one of a kind.