In a tragic accident last Friday, 8 people were crushed to death by a crowd stampede at famous rapper Travis Scott’s concert, following his orders to ignore safety barriers and security and climb to the stage.

The rapper, who has already been convicted for the same behavior twice before, tried apologizing on camera, albeit terribly, by claiming to be devastated by the news, adding that he wasn’t aware of the deaths until the concert had finished.

Let me put this into perspective for you: this man literally kept performing while numerous people worried for their friends or family that got injured came up to the crew, demanding that the show be stopped.

To add insult to injury, regarding his previous shows that he was convicted for, Scott only paid a $7,500 fine, despite there being many injuries, with some of them life-changing serious.

One such fan was Kyle Green, a 27-year-old fan who was left paralyzed after Scott’s 2017 performance in New York where he was forced over a stage balcony, fracturing numerous bones and vertebrae.

Green was then picked up by stage security and carried out like „a sack of potatoes” instead of being immediately sent to the ER.

He shared his support for the families and friends of those who died last week at Astroworld, the rapper’s music festival, heavily criticizing Scott’s negligence and disregard for human life.

Backstage filled with unconscious fans, some already dead

As for this week’s horror of a show, an ICU nurse was crowd surfed to the stage and then carried backstage after she had passed out due to overcrowding, which is a common problem at Scott’s shows with him previously admitting to sneaking fans in, despite all tickets being sold out.

After she had woken up, Madeline Eskins, the ICU nurse in question was horrified to see numerous people sprawled out on the floor next to her with security struggling to help them.

She offered to help, and only then was able to notice that one of the victims didn’t have a pulse, while also noting that the medical equipment was severely scarce, with only one Ambu bag, one AED, and one stretcher available.

She continued to offer medical assistance throughout the night and noted that by the end of it, numerous people were pulseless for over 15 minutes before being put on a stretcher.

A source related to the rapper issued a statement that a fan was violently stabbing people with a syringe, causing them to rush the stage, but Eskins claimed this to be Travis and his entourage trying to cut themselves off from the incident, adding that there is no evidence showing any of the concert-goers were drugged.

The youngest concertgoer to be killed was a 14-year-old boy, who undeniably wasn’t old enough to even attend this concert, especially considering the content of Travis’s music.

7 others died, with the majority of them being in their late teens or early twenties, their lives cut short by the irresponsible behavior of a power-crazed celebrity.

Travis may have offered his „sincerest” apologies to his fans, but no apology will bring peace to the grieving families of these young people.