Wretched anti-American Nazi-Communist thugs from the extremist group styling itself as “Antifa” disrupted a conservative rally in Boston, which was protesting against mask and vaccine mandates imposed by Democrat-run authorities across the United States.

It is, of course, a sickening oxymoron that the violent far-left morons calling themselves Antifa are as fascist as it gets.

Disrupting a peaceful conservative and patriotic rally

As always in the past year or so, emboldened by the fact that an abysmal senile Marxist known as Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is occupying the White House with his wokeist gang of an administration, the Antifa fascists decided to show up uninvited to the conservative event.

As always, they did it for a single reason: in order to commit violence against those who disagree with their terrorism, and those who dare to stand up for freedoms, rights, and liberty that stem from being part of the grand American republic.

Naturally, the conservatives who rallied at Boston Common on Sunday fought back the Antifa fascists kicking the butts of many of those wretched Commie-propaganda-brainwashed zombies.

However, the far-left Nazis still got to disrupt the rally.

Shortly after they started attacking American patriots, the Boston police showed up well-prepared in riot gear, separated the two sides, and cracked down heavily on the Antifa fascists.

At least two of the Communist aggressors were arrested, and are awaiting charges with disorderly conduct, according to The Daily Mail, citing a Boston PD spokesperson who spoke before the official police reports were filed.

At least one person was badly injured in the altercation caused by the mindless, ignorant, far-left criminal zombies who feel the incessant urge to show up and try to physically destroy anybody exposing their fascist-communist totalitarian lies about anything – from wokeism to “gender ideology.”

Sunday’s rally at Boston Common was organized by right-wing conservative group Super Happy Fun America, whose purpose is to defend civil rights, and the Constitution, and defeat “cultural Marxist” and “gender madness” – all extremely noble goals considering how the far left is eager to annihilate America and replace it with a failed-state-type totalitarian dictatorship.

The conservative rally was supposed to be a march entitled “Rise against Tyranny” – but of course the Antifa Nazi thugs did all they could to disrupt it.

Back in 2018, Super Happy Fun America became known for organizing a “Straight Pride” march – of course, that was immediately attacked by vicious zombie leftists who claimed that the marchers were “homophobic.”

Antifa schizophrenia: fascists chanting against fascism

It is just stunning how long the wokeists and transgenderists think they will be able to get away with their vicious double standards in which they are the only ones to hold “prides” – despite having nothing to be proud of and tons of which to be ashamed – and with trying to cower others into submission by accusing them of homophobia, transphobia and other made-up horseshit insults.

The Antifa fascist subgroupings that came to attack the peaceful conservative protesters are called “Solidarity against Hate” and “Green Monster Antifa” – about as moronic names as possible to fit the vicious fascist zombie profiles of their members.

To top it all off, the Nazis and fascists from Antifa were shouting slogans against themselves – i.e. against Nazis and fascists.

In any case, a lot of those miserable individuals deservedly got crushed in Boston on Sunday, and patriotic resistance against their menace will only become stronger.