One of the things that Joe “Sleepy” Biden, aka “the Democrat President”, is probably best known for are his countless hypocrisies, which is why no decent, patriotic American is being surprised as new ones are popping up every day.

However, probably nobody, even Biden insiders, have expected Sleepy Joe’s hypocrisies to stretch all the way to farting – and to do so in the company of British royalties, and at a world forum to tackle precisely the emissions of greenhouse gases.

When in doubt, fart before a British royalty at a world climate conference!

Apparently, Biden, the supposed “leader” of the Free World, himself was a major emitter of gas at the UN’s COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, last week.

So much so that his emission, or “fart”, to put it in simple, common-folk terms, was so substantial that Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, the wife of Prince Charles, who was a first-hand witness, still can’t stop talking about it, a report by The Mail on Sunday says.

According to the Duchess, 74, Sleepy Joe’s Democrat presidential fart was “long and loud”, and just “impossible to ignore”, an insider has revealed.

Several days after Biden’s unwarranted personal greenhouse emission incident, Camilla is said to be still talking about it.

And to think that this was an event at which Biden actually went ahead and “apologized” for President Trump’s pullout from the 2015 Paris climate accord.

Such gas emission incidents are hardly the way to gain back the “trust” of the “climate change” community, Sleepy Joe!

Sure, 78-year-old Empty Shelves Joe is an old, senile man and he could be forgiven for farting, heck, he could fart all he wants.

The big question is what the bloody hell he is doing in the White House, representing America around the world through a giant fart – which might as well be a wonderful metaphor for his entire administration.

Both America and Britain are grateful the Queen wasn’t there!

The obvious irony of the Biden’s “wind-breaking” incident aside, if you have wondered how else on earth would this senile, old man be able to embarrass the United States of America globally, farting before the wife of the heir to the British throne during a greenhouse gas summit might not have been your most obvious choice.

It is also worth noting that Joe’s gas emission came on the same day in which he fell asleep while awaiting his turn to address the UN COP26 summit with a speech.

So he must have been building up internal tension all day – which he then managed successfully to unload before the Duchess of Cornwall.

Good thing Queen Elizabeth II actually skipped the summit in Glasgow – she did due to her unstable health – because God knows what unpredictable repercussions Sleepy Joe’s presidential farting might have had in the company of Her Royal Highness.

Heck, we are dreading even the very thought of such a possibility which could have damaged the Trans-Atlantic Anglo-Saxon special relationship once and for all.