The worst thing about the repugnant, lying far-left liberalism that has gripped the United States of America under the Biden administration might actually be the fact that it is becoming increasingly militant and aggressive.

Commies around the country are trying to dehumanize conservatives and patriots as much as possible in order to prepare their destruction – whether figurative or even literal, the latter being at least in some far-leftists wet dreams.

However, probably the worst thing about them is that they are becoming increasingly militant and aggressive against those who disagree with them – and that they are preaching this bellicose anti-conservative, anti-patriotic sentiment to America’s youth.

Because somehow this nation has allowed leftist radicalism to dominate staffing on college campuses, and even in high schools and elementary schools.

Thus, the cases of active, far-left warlike aggression are emerging as more frequent and more shocking.

Attacking America’s 2nd, 3rd most populous, richest states

One such fresh example is the case of a wokeist, radical leftist high school history teacher, who has specifically insulted “Florida”, “Texans” and “Fox News” as, potentially, a “group of complete idiots.”

And the teacher carried out the vicious verbal attack against conservatives in a history quiz that he made up.

The multiple-choice question, which askes the students to “identify a group of complete idiots” – and besides the three answers mentioned above, there is also a fourth possible answer, which is the “KKK”.

The identity of the teacher hasn’t been revealed but the abomination – which potentially brands not just the most popular news channel but also the second and the third most populous and richest US states as “complete idiots” – occurred at Whitney High School, in the city of Rocklin, 25 miles northeast of Sacramento.

The horrible attempt at brainwashing children into hating America was revealed to the public by a shocked parent who posted on social media a screenshot of the test question, Fox40 reported, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Teacher trying to be funny?!

The revelation has sparked a reaction by Justin Cutts, the Whitney High principal, who on Saturday issued a statement to notify parents that his team and the Rocklin Unified School District are carrying out a “thorough investigation” into the case.

Parents are quoted as saying that the social science teacher who made up the hellish quiz frequently makes comments against the Republican Party, and that apparently the school has already considered other cases in which he crossed the line.

A former student of the said teacher, Joel Alquicira, told KCRA that the teacher in question always tries to make jokes and be funny but that no such questions should be on an official test because they are clearly offensive.

As Republican Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial election victory in Virginia demonstrated last week, such acts of belligerent wokeism, whether intended as jokes or as vicious assaults on patriotism and conservatism, are playing out to the benefit of the Republican Party because of the tremendous outrage that they are causing.