During his latest appearance on „drink champs”, a podcast hosted by several hip-hop culture icons, Kanye West, now known as Ye, had lots to say about the state America’s in right now, focusing on the prevalence of woke culture and the presidential election.

Namely, one of Kanye’s statements must’ve felt like a slap to progressives, with his unwavering disapproval of black history month.

The rapper heavily criticized the month-long sob story about slavery, claiming that he would be much happier to see a black future month or black possibility month, where the focus would be on improving black communities rather than teaching kids they will never make it in America’s system.

Kanye also slammed the media for convincing the black people of America that they should be happy there is a woman of color among the candidates for vice president, especially due to the fact she hasn’t done anything since the election, as the famous rapper claims.

Naturally, this isn’t the kind of narrative the left wants to hear from the black community and will most likely be in shambles because of it, mainly because their entire agenda sits on the ideology of black victimization.

When prominent figures from the black community open their eyes and see their „oppression” as martyrdom for the sake of the Left, they always receive grace from the conservatives, inadvertently throwing the progressives into a full-blown meltdown.

West continued to criticize the idea that blacks should vote democrat, adding that Biden-Harris presidency got 94% of the black female vote, jokingly saying those statistics would make someone think Drake was running for president.

The MAGA hat is on, even if Kanye isn’t wearing it

For those out of the loop, Drake is another famous hip-hop artist, with a more sensitive tone to his works, who has a large female following.

Aside from criticizing Drake for his latest single inspired by Kanye’s very own now estranged wife Kim Kardashian, the rapper went on to slam musicians John Legend and Big Sean for badmouthing his presidency, despite them owing their success to the fact Kanye’s production house signed them.

Many will try and come after Kanye for these statements, probably even using his previous mental health issues to make him sound like a lunatic, but it doesn’t seem like that has ever stopped Kanye in his determination to speak his mind.

The rapper/songwriter continues to be an avid Trump supporter and a great ally to the republican party, something that will rattle many democrats.

Kanye continues to wear his MAGA hat proudly, if not on his head, at least in his heart.