During an online panel he held last Tuesday, Prince Harry gave his opinion on the state of misinformation on the web as well as the alleged „verbal abuse” he and his wife go through every day on the internet.

The Duke of Sussex claimed that on January 6th, a day before the storming of the Capitol, he had warned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of the „danger” his social media platform could possibly cause.

Naturally, no real evidence of this exists, and it is all hearsay presented by Harry when asked whether he debated on the topic with anyone influential in the field, like Zuckerberg or Dorsey.

The endangered royal offspring continued to talk about his grievances with the media, clearly shaken by the fact that Dorsey didn’t present him with an audience, mentioning that he and his wife are often the targets of internet „trolls”.

Harry stated that the term „megxit” which was coined following his and his wife’s departure from Britain, is misogynistic in nature and was only amplified through its continuous usage on the internet.

Royal family member to Netflix producer to internet security „expert“?

Even those out of the loop might notice that Prince Harry feels entitled to talk on many subjects far out of his reach, including proper usage of the internet, with him claiming that his involvement in a 6-month long study of American information and misinformation has led him to believe that in the US, this problem reaches far wider than just the internet.

The progressive prince, now living in California, continued stating that a single household could have 4 different versions of reality and that it’s not a matter of when will it happen as it is already happening.

The tech-wiz wannabe royal family member offered a solution to this impending problem of massive amounts of misinformation circulating the media, with his solution being that social media sites should not spread hate and lies on their platform, leaning on Frances Haugen’s document leak which revealed Facebook’s „money first” business practices.

On that same note, it’s strange listening to someone criticize this sort of behavior, especially when data shows that each speech either Harry or his wife give could net them nearly $1.4 million should they sign up with an elite agency.

Quite hypocritical but not unexpected from a member of the royal family.

The prince continued to beg for everyone’s help in the matter, even using his late mother Princess Diana as a stepping stool to prove his point by stating that her death was caused by the same kind of self-produced rabidness and he will not stand and watch his wife and children suffer the same fate as she did.