About a dozen leading American universities with medical schools have decided to come together for a wonderfully inspiring anti-white racist program entitled “Antiracist Transformation in Medical Education,” abbreviated as ART.

Antiracism, i.e. anti-white racism grips American medical schools

The horrendous “antiracist”, i.e. anti-white program is worth $377,536, and is implemented as a three-year effort by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, The Red State reported.

Here, as in all other outbursts of “antiracism” efforts in the increasingly totalitarian wokeist America under the administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden, the fight against racist, or “antiracism” is code for espousing and promoting anti-white racism, racism against the white people who established the United States of America based on the principles of Anglo-Saxon democracy, economy, education, and culture.

Of course, the hellish wokeists want to know nothing of that, and, of course, if they succeed in destroying whiteness and white people, it is really going to come back and bite them in the a** - but that will be little consolation since in such a devastating scenario the entire West would be wiped out.

That would be devastating for humanity as a whole simply because whatever progress – in the good sense of the term, not the “social justice” one – has been made in recent centuries only thanks to Western science, research, economy, democracy, and freedom.

Some vile “antiracists” are truly unabashed about antiracism’s true meaning and nature.

Kimberle Crenshaw, a UCLA professor of law says that it is designed in order to “dismantle” all those “dimensions” of “white dominance” that you can think of.

The esteemed UCLA academic does note, though, that this would require “critical understanding” of the “history of whiteness in America.”

Another recent quote from Forbes states that “anti-racism educators” – whatever the hell that is – must be careful not to “placate white feelings”.

Sure, let’s placate just everybody else, and dehumanize and humiliate whites, shall we?

And maybe then we can have a nice little extermination of sorts, who knows…

According to the Smithsonian, in order to be “antiracist” white people must evolve with respect to the development of their racial identity so as to keep admitting the entire time their “privilege.”

Ah, America’s racist medicine

The webpage of the ART program in about a dozen US medical states that medicine in America – “like all American institutions” – has been shaped by racism.

Racism and nothing else, that is.

The project would of course, naturally, seek to “dismantle systemic racism” – because what else would it do.

Oh, let’s not forget that the dismantling in question is done by dismantling whiteness and installing anti-white racism in its place.

The leading medical schools participating in this sickening ART program are those of Columbia University, Duke University, George Washington University, University of Arizona, University of Missouri, and the University of Minnesota, among others.